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Homecare beds and hospital beds are used in homes, hospitals and care homes to look after individuals who are elderly or ill and need help in bed. Features of these beds make them extremely user-friendly especially for the caregiver, and at the same time, put minimum pressure on the user. These beds come with specialized features that help nurses, and care givers to carry out routine treatment procedures without straining much. Useful adjustments like high-low adjustments, head and foot positioning etc. are possible just with the push of a button. At HPFY you will find homecare and hospital beds and other accessories at best prices. We provide an attaractive collection of medical beds to choose from. Our wide range or products include homecare beds manufactured by top brands, for instance, Invacare Corporation, Medline Industries, and Drive Medical. Browse our collection today!

Types of Hospital and Homecare Beds

Hospital beds are meant for those individuals who need hospital-type care in a home environment. There are different types of hospital beds available and these have varying options making them compatible for use by the patient himself, a caregiver or both. 

  • Manual hospital beds are hand-operated using cranks positioned at the foot of the bed. These are not dependent on electrical current, are cost effective and easy to maintain. 
  • Hospital beds which are fully electric, control height adjustments and head and foot positioning with the touch of a button. These electric beds have lightweight design and have a number of positioning options. Example - Drive Full Electric 54 Inches Wide Bariatric Bed
  • There are homecare beds and hospital beds which are semi electric in which head and foot positioning is electrically controlled but height can be electrically and manually adjusted. 
  • Low hospital homecare beds have a frame close to the floor and are designed for the frail and the elderly who may be a fall risk. The design of these beds is simple and may accommodate the box spring and mattress or just a mattress. 
  • Bariatric hospital beds are heavy-duty beds for bariatric individuals and have a weight capacity of up to 1200 pounds. They are built large with extra width and length.

Luxury Adjustable Beds

Luxury adjustable beds are elegant in their design, comfort and look. These homecare beds have high-end features that include fully remote-controlled positioning, in-built full-body massage, rolling casters with locking capability, adjustable legs, quiet motor technology and snore button.

Hospital Bed Safety Products

Health Products For You has several hospital bed safety products that are meant to ensure complete safety for the user who may be an elderly person, with some disability or ill. Most important is side rail alternatives which create and supportive sleeping environment. There are also bed assists, travel and transfer handles, circular rails, slant rails and soft rails. Side rails and crossbars provide the protection while hand bed rails help users get in and out of bed.

SleepSafe Beds

The designs of SleepSafe beds do away with risks of fall or bed entrapment. These homecare beds are natural and esthetically pleasing and provide the functionality of hospital beds coupled with home care comforts. SleepSafe beds have low beds, medium beds and tall beds all of which have different transfer heights. Buying a SleepSafe bed will entail scrutiny of user requirements.

Hospital Bed Accessories

Health Products For You provides a whole host of homecare bed and hospital bed accessories. These include folding bed boards, bed storage carts and trolleys and transport material, trapeze bars and floor stands. Trapeze bars help positioning change of the user in bed and also help in transferring the individual in and out of the bed.

Where can you buy Hospital and Homecare Beds from?

We have a variety of medical beds for elderly and children too. You can check out our collection of top medical beds from brands like Lumex and Probasics and pick your favorite one. 

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