The Airway Company Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger

The Airway Company Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger

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The Airway Company Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger for tracheostomy patients is a revolutionary device that functions as an artificial nose for the throat and that allows patients to restore their pulmonary health following a tracheotomy. In particular, the device helps restore normalized levels of air temperature, humidity, and particle filtration when patients inhale air through the HME. The Shikani HMETM is uniquely designed to work together with the Shikani Speaking Valve, which allows patients to both speak and warm, humidify and filter air simultaneously.

Why choose Shikani Heat Moisture Exchanger?

  • Substantially increased particle filtration from inhaled air
  • Reduces mucus secretion and thickening
  • Reduces risk of pulmonary infection
  • Restored pulmonary conditions and health

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S-HME Heat Moisture Exchanger 30/Pack $2.96

The Airway Company HME Features

  • The Shikani HME efficiently filters airborne environmental particles (dust, bacteria, viruses, pollutants, etc.)
  • It retains moisture and heat from air that is exhaled out of the lungs and into the HME and upon re-inhalation by the patient, the HME filters, humidifies, and warms air returned to the lungs
  • Patients using an HME can retain 250-300 ml of the 500 ml of water lost daily as a result of breathing through the tracheostoma.
  • The end result for the patient is  
    - More normalized and uniform temperature levels from inhaled air
    - More normalized and uniform humidity levels from inhaled air
    - Substantially increased particle filtration from inhaled air
    - Reduced mucus secretion and thickening
    - Reduced risk of pulmonary infection
    - Restored pulmonary conditions and health

What to buy with Shikani HME?

Who should use Shikani Medical Device?

Patients who undergo a tracheotomy lose essential airway functions including speaking, smelling, tasting, swallowing, and humidification, warming and filtering of inhaled air. While speaking valves can help offset some of these losses (i.e. speaking, smelling and swallowing), they do not help restore three critical functions that are lost when air is diverted away from the nose, the natural organ of the body responsible for:

  • Humidification of inhaled air 
  • Warming of inhaled air 
  • Filtration of unwanted particles (dust, bacteria, viruses, environmental irritants, and airborne pollutants)

Shikani HME Unison with Speaking Valve

  • When coupled with the Shikani Speaking Valve, allows for effective speech and simultaneous humidification, warming, and filtration of inhaled air. 
  • Patients can therefore realize the benefits of both devices by using them together.
  • The Shikani HME can also be used independently by placing it directly onto any standard 15mm tracheostomy tube cannula.
  • While these devices can be used independent of one another, the combination of the two can help restore the tracheotomy patients quality of life in an unmatched way.

Intricate design of Shikani HME

  • The Shikani HME has a unique outer shell with a dome at the top which provides additional volume above the media, which in turn enhances condensation and humidification within the body of the HME. 
  • A dimple in the center of the dome allows air to recirculate within the HME into turbulent Eddies currents, which are circular currents of air of many different length scales, similar to the ones that occur naturally in the lungs. 
  • The air is then redirected to the outside through large openings on the side of the HME upon exhalation. 
  • The reverse airflow occurs during inhalation. With each breath, recirculation of air creates air turbulence, and air particles face substantially higher transverse motion, friction, and pressure drag. 
  • Turbulent airflow thus creates more energy and achieves greater efficiency as compared to the traditional linear air flow HMEs. 
  • The Shikani HME has a highly efficient hygroscopic media made of porous reticulated ester-type polyurethane foam that is impregnated with calcium chloride, which traps moisture and heat, and provides a very effective filter from unwanted particles. 
  • The increase in efficiency associated with the Shikani HME™ allows the device to be lighter, more compact, and more discreet relative to the existing traditional HMEs on the market. 
  • It is important to note that whether placed directly onto the inner cannula of the tracheostomy tube or used in conjunction with the Shikani Speaking Valve, the Shikani HME does not add significant airway resistance. Importantly, the Shikani HME’s design results in enhanced moisture/humidity retention within the body of the HME, while allowing for a smaller size profile relative to other HMEs on the market.

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i currently have one of your HME's that is shown in the video- it is blue- but the one shown for sale is white- I am reluctant to buy a case of the white ones before I know that they are as comfortable as this blue one- i don't see the blue one on the list- could you assist or send me a sample of the white one?
Brenda Gregg - 9/17/2019 6:24:55 PM
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Unfortunately, we do not provide samples for this item.
Customer Care - 9/26/2019 12:37:39 AM
question image
Is it possible to purchase fewer than 30 of the HME-SV?  Thank you.
Anne - 5/27/2016 12:33:36 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately these are available only in pack of 30.
Customer Care - 5/28/2016 1:49:06 AM