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Roscoe Medical Portable Suction Machine


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Item #: 50006
Suction Machine with DC Rechargeable Battery

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Roscoe Medical Portable Suction Machine is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for everyday use. The fully enclosed handle has a less formal appearance and a compact design. Use with either AC power or a DC rechargeable battery for portability (weighs only six pounds). A 1000cc collection bottle and a two-year warranty are included.

Why choose Roscoe Medical Portable Suction Machine?

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • DC rechargeable battery
  • Designed for easy portability at just 5.7 pounds
  • Includes a 1000 cc collection bottle
  • Ideal for providing suction in the home or on the go
  • Comes with rechargeable battery and a DC power cord for the car.

Features of Roscoe Suction Machine [50006]

  • Effective removal of respiratory fluids
  • Variable vacuum control
  • A durable, portable system that is quiet and easy to use
  • The in-line bacteria filter is replaceable
  • Rechargeable lithium battery charges in less than eight hours
  • The working cycle of the device is 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off
  • The handle is fully integrated offering a more contemporary look
  • 90-day warranty on the battery

Roscoe Suction Machine User Manual

What does it Include?

  • 1000 cc suction canister
  • 6' suction tube
  • 6" suction tubing
  • Hydrophobic filter
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Instruction manual

What to buy with a Suction Machine

How to Operate this Tracheostomy Suction Machine?

Roscoe Medical Suction Machine Setup

Set the Air Filter

  1. Open the accessories case and take out the two silicone tubes and the filter cover. Connect one end of the silicone tube to the front air input port and the other end to the filter cover.
  2. Connect the filter cover to the collection bottle with the silicone tube.
  3. Inspect suction tubing and collection bottle for leaks, cracks, etc. before each use.

Turn on the Portable Suction Machine

  1. Plug in the power cord.
  2. Turn on the power switch. The device starts to work.
  3. Connect the suction tube to the device, open the suction valve, and make sure the suction airway is unobstructed.
  4. Adjust the negative pressure through the adjusting knob; choose the appropriate negative pressure to perform the treatment (please refer to your physician).
    For the DC model, if the device is connected to the Adaptor, the device will not use the energy in the battery set.

Turn off the Device

  1. After the treatment is over, turn off the power switch. For the DC model, when the power switch is turned off, the device starts battery charging. The time the battery charge is less than eight hours.
  2. The working cycle of the device is: 30 minutes on & 30 minutes off.

How to Clean and Sterilize Roscoe Suction Machine?

  1. It is recommended that the tubes and collection bottle be thoroughly cleaned with hot water after each use and be cleaned with a mild detergent after the last treatment of the day. If your physician or respiratory therapist specifies a different cleaning procedure, follow their instructions.
  2. The filter can’t be cleaned.
  3. If the filter gets wet or becomes contaminated or clogged, it must be replaced.

Rinsing (after each treatment)

  1. Disconnect the tubes, collection bottle, and filter cover. Rinse the tubes, and collect the bottle with water.
  2. Dry them with a clean soft towel or let them air dry.
  3. Reassemble the product when completely dry and put these parts in a dry-sealed container.

Disinfecting the Suction Machine

It is suggested that the unit is disinfected after each treatment.

  1. Use one part white vinegar with three parts distilled water. Make sure the mixed solution is enough to submerge the tubes and collection bottle.
  2. Complete Rinsing Steps 1-3.
  3. Wash the tubes and collection bottle in warm water and mild detergent. Then wash them in hot tap water.

Roscoe Portable Suction Machine FAQs

1. What is a medical suction machine?

A suction machine, also known as an aspirator, is a type of medical device that is primarily used for removing obstructions — like mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions — from a person's airway

2. How long should you suction a patient?

The maximum suction time should only be 15 seconds. After suctioning, re-oxygenate the patient.

3. Can you suction mucus out of the lungs?

Suctioning is used to obtain mucus and other fluids (secretions) and cells from the windpipe (trachea) and large airways (bronchi) and is typically used in people who are on mechanical ventilation.

4. Does suction hurt?

No. Suctioning should not cause pain. You may feel short of breath and you may cough, but these are normal reactions and should not be painful.

5. When should you not suction a patient?

Hypoxemia – the most critical to remember! Trauma – do not do more damage to an already sick patient! Infection – try to keep it clean when working around mucous membranes! Cardiac Arrhythmias – watch for signs of increased cardiac workload!

Roscoe Medical Portable Suction Machine Specifications

Particulars Specification
Dimensions 364 x 175 x 213mm
Weight 5.3 lb
Max Negative Pressure 530 mmHg
Max Suction Speed 25 LPM
Sound Level ≦ 65 dBA at 1 meter
Rated Power input DC 12V
Power Consumption 48VA Max
Collection Capacity 1000 cc
Operating Temperature 50℉ to 104℉ (10℃ to 40℃), 30% to 75% HR
Storage Environment -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃ to 60℃), 10% to 95% HR

Roscoe Portable Suction Machine Warranty

2 Year Limited Warranty

Roscoe Medical Suction Machine Reviews


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