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General Use Syringes

A syringe is a pump consisting of a snugly fit piston (or plunger) within a calibrated glass or plastic cylinder called a barrel. The syringe is equipped with a hypodermic needle, nozzle, or tubing that helps direct the flow of medication. The plunger can be pulled and pushed inside the tube, allowing the syringe to draw in or expel the liquid through an orifice at the front end of the tube. Syringes inject drugs into the body and withdraw various types of body fluids, most commonly blood from the veins. Previously, syringes were made of metal or glass and required cleaning and sterilization before being used again, but now plastic and disposable syringes are used to administer medications. Syringes are used for:

  • Injecting drugs into the body
  • Intravenous therapy into the bloodstream
  • Applying compounds like glue or lubricants
  • Measuring and drawing liquids

Health Products For You offers a wide variety of high-quality syringes for various purposes like wound irrigation, fluid extraction, or medication injection from top brands. Out Top-selling products ensure patient safety against infections. Covidien and Becton provide latex-free syringes. Select the one that suits all your needs.

What are the Types Of Syringes?

Insulin Syringe

One of the more common types of syringes, these are for single-use and are inexpensive. They commonly have a U-100 marking on them that indicates the concentration of 100 units of insulin per 1 ml. and often incorporate a fine needle. BD Ultra-Fine Short Needle Insulin Syringe can be used to inject insulin.

Tuberculin Syringe

Tuberculin syringes are small in size and hold up to 1ml of fluid. They are used for subcutaneous or intradermal injection of medicine and used to perform tuberculosis tests called PPD.

Multi-Shot Needle Syringe

These special syringes are designed to refill after each injection from a built-in reservoir to give several dosages using the same syringe. These types of needles are rarely used due to a risk of contamination.

Venom Extraction Syringe

These syringes are specially designed to extract exudate (venom) from the wound without puncturing the wound. These syringes create a vacuum that sucks out the poison from the wound.

Oral Syringe

These are syringes that are used as a measuring instrument for measuring the dosage of medicines accurately. They are often used with small children or animals to deliver drugs directly into the mouth.

Dental Syringe

The dentist uses these syringes to administer the anesthetic solution. And it is also used to supply water, compressed air, or mist to the oral cavity for cleaning debris away from the area the dentist is working on.

Syringes Types - Based on the Tip

Lure Lock Tip

This syringe has a threaded tip so that the needle can be twisted and locked into the place. It assures a secure connection and prevents accidental removal of the needle and injection of the medicine. It offers clear visual and audible confirmation of the locked position. Medline Luer Lock Syringes and BD Syringe With Luer-Lok Tip are examples of these kinds of tips.

Slip Tip

It provides a friction-fit connection, and the user has to push the needle hub onto the syringe. There is no locking function. These can also be referred to as Luer slip syringes. BD Syringe, which comes with Slip Tip, is used for diabetic and other uses, including post-operative conditions, vitamin deficiencies, and intramuscular medication.

Catheter Tip

These syringes come with a tapered tip which forms a tight seal. These are used for cleaning catheters, gastrostomy tubes, and other devices and used for wound irrigation.

Eccentric Tip

These syringes are commonly used while administering medication parallel to the skin of the patient. They are mainly used for the aspiration of fluids that requires closeness to the skin. These syringes are perfect for injecting into a surface vein and not penetrating both vascular walls of the vein.

Where can you buy General-Purpose Syringes online?

We at HPFY offer a wide range of syringes to cater to your needs from top manufacturers like Becton Dickinson, Covidien/Medtronic, Medline Industries, North Coast Medical, and many more.

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