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Staff length lab coats are often preferred by medical staff that are usually busy in managing things for doctors and have to carry around a lot of medical tools or equipment around with them. These lab coats are of standard length which is also known staff length and have either open cuff sleeves or closed cuff sleeves. These coats are designed in a way that one can open them from the front and move around easily without facing any inconvenience. They usually have three pockets on the front but one can choose to add more as well. The pockets are sturdy enough hold a number of medical tools or equipment with them at one time.

Features of Staff Length Lab Coats

  • Available in multiple color and fabric options depending on the use of the staff length lab coat
  • Disposable options also available for situations such as blood tests, operations, or surgeries
  • Adequate space for storage of medical tools and equipment
  • Comes in multiple lengths which are also known as staff lengths
  • Comes in multiple cuffs and multi-pocketed options

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