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The nutritional requirements of children are different from those of adults. They have their unique needs of nutrition that their body and mind needs to grow. As a result of certain health issues children may suffer from lack of nutrients or they may just need some nutrients that food cannot provide just because they are picky eaters. At HPFY we strive to provide pediatric nutritional supplements for your children that will fulfil all the needs that food is unable to. If your kid has a problem with eating or absorbing enough nutrition from food liquid nutrition can be a good option. Browse our extensive range to find the right formula for your child today!

Your Doctor may Recommend a Pediatric Dietary Supplement if your Child

  • Dislikes and avoids an entire food group 

  • Has allergy or intolerance 

  • Is a vegetarian

Things to be kept in mind

  • Choose supplements with caps or lids that your child can open. Store them out of their reach.   

  • Giving nutritional supplements more than the recommended quantity is harmful. Only safe and recommended doses must be given.  

  • Do not replace eating with supplements. They are only used for covering up the deficiencies. 

Pediatric supplements must not be used as the only way of nutrition. These nutritional supplements must be used in combination with meals for good results. These supplements reduce the stressful mealtime situation if your child resists eating. Also underweight and children with malnutrition are prescribed with nutritional supplements. At HPFY we bring to you a wide range of pediatric nutrition products including the popular Similac Advance OptiGRO Formula, Similac Human Milk Fortifier, Nutricia Neocate Splash Nutritionally Complete Ready-to-Drink Medical Food, Bright Beginnings Soy Pediatric Drink or the Nestle Boost Kid Essentials 1.0 Complete Pediatric Nutritional Drink and many more from top manufacturers in the industry like ABBOTT, NUTRICIA NORTH AMERICA, MEAD JOHNSON etc. at best prices on HPFY!