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What are Mobility Aids for Children with Special Needs?

Pediatric mobility devices are specifically designed to increase independence in children with special needs. A wide variety of mobility aids are available to make mobility more effective so that they can participate in all activities just like their peers at home or school. These aids can be used indoors or outdoors so that your child can enjoy every activity on all types of surfaces. Health Products For You offers several Mobility devices including:

1. Walkers

These are devices that provide support to children who possess a considerable amount of strength in the upper and lower body but require support to walk. These walkers are available with or without wheels and some type of walkers also provide support for upper body and forearms.

2. Standers

Standing is a necessary activity that must be encouraged in children. There are numerous health benefits of standing. Standers are equipment that provide additional support to make kids stand. They may provide anterior or posterior support.

3. Canes

Pediatric canes provides a considerable amount of support to the child. These canes provide a little less support than walkers. Canes are good for children with a higher degree of independence.

4. Gait Trainer

These devices are used to train small children to walk. Gain trainers provide support to the torso and groin to help them walk. Gait trainers are supplied with wheels to aid mobility in kids.

5. Rollator

They are basically rolling walkers or walkers with wheels. Rollators often come with additional features like a basket for toys or a built in seat for kits who get fatigued frequently.

6. Crawler

Crawlers or crawl trainers help small children to learn crawling. These Crawlers provide support to the body and have wheels that help in moving forward. 

We also carry other types of mobility products from brands such as Joggers /Racers, Kicksports etc. HPFY brings to you a wide selection of pediatric mobility equipment for kids like Tubular Fabricators Pediatric Quad Cane, Snug Seat Crocodile WalkerBailey Children Mobility Crawler and many more products to enhance and develop their skills. We offer mobility aids that are proven beneficial in facilitating kids with a sense of independence. Buy now and get attractive discounts on all purchases!

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