Buy Car Seats


Car seats are designed for keeping children safe when riding a car. Car seats must be chosen carefully according to the specific positioning needs of your child. The choice of car seats depend on many factors like the age of the child, size of the vehicle and model. HPFY brings to you an extensive range of car seats to choose from. These car seats are designed to provide exceptional body support. They are available in different styles, sizes and configurations to confirm to the needs of your child. Along with positioning these car seats offer a number of accessories that help you to create a better and more comfortable seat for your little one.

Who needs a car seat?

Car seats can be used by infants or special needs children with: Autism Spinal cord injury Cerebral palsy Behavioral disorders Spina bifida Respiratory complications Orthopedic conditions Low birth weight Developmental delays Dislocated hip from birth Neuromuscular delays Hip spica, etc.

Types of car seats

Rear-Facing Car Seats

Rear facing car seats provide the best security to your child in case of a crash or accident. These restraints can carry a weight up to 35-40 pounds. Smaller size car seats are good for premature children as they feature smaller internal dimensions. Some car seats feature adjustable head supports to better position the child’s head in case of any deformities in the head or neck.

Convertible Car Seats

These car seats possess extensive growth capabilities as they can be adjusted from infant seats to toddler seats. These car seats can accommodate upto 40 pounds and adjust without compromising the support system. Convertible Car Seats are ideal for children with poor upper torso control and low muscle tone.

Forward-Facing Car Seats

It is a norm that children above 2 years of age should not use rear facing car seats. Front facing seats are becoming popular lately. The weight limit of these seats can be upto 90 pounds and they provide extra security to the child. Attachments like the 5 point harness provides additional security to your special needs child. It also features a semi reclined position to help children with positioning challenges.

Car Beds

These specially designed seats are designed for children who must lie down while travelling. But before using the bed make sure that the car bed is not worsening your child’s symptoms. These beds are often used for kids with casts, cardio respiratory disorders, abdominal or chest disorders and many other health conditions.

Choose from a range of car seats including the popular Thomashilfen RECARO Performance Sport Reha Car Seat or the Special Tomato Large MPS Car Seat that provide the required positioning and support to your child when inside a car. Buy special needs car seats at special discounts from top vendors like Columbia Medical, Thomashilfen and many more..