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Convaid Rodeo Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair - Standard Model Convaid Rodeo Tilt In Space Wheelchair - Recline Convaid Rodeo Tilt In Space Wheelchair - Seat Zipper

Convaid Rodeo Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair - Standard Model

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The Convaid Rodeo Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair stands out as a leading choice among pediatric wheelchairs, known for its exceptional quality, convenience, lightweight design, and compact foldability. Equipped with durable positioning systems, it is an ideal option for individuals requiring comprehensive positioning and support.


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Features of Convaid Rodeo Tilt-in Space Wheelchair

  • 5° to 45° of adjustable tilt: Provides pressure relief and upper body support
  • Tension adjustable back upholstery: Adjustable back straps allow for individual adjustment to the Lumber and Thoracic sections for the back
  • Zippered pockets in upholstery: Allows for additional seat padding and support
  • Lightweight & compact folding: The folding mechanism allows the whole chair, including seating, to fold into a tight, which fits in the trunk of almost every car
  • Made in the USA

What does Convaid Rodeo Tilt Wheelchair Include?

  • One-piece height adjustable push handle
  • Cordura upholstery
  • Tool-less upholstery removal
  • Tool-less adjustable seat depth growth of 5"
  • Zippered pockets in seat & back upholstery
  • 2-point positioning belt
  • Elevating leg rest
  • One-piece angle adjustable footplates
  • 7.5" x 2" front, 11.5" x 2.5" rear solid tires
  • Quick-release Rolko rear wheels
  • Single-foot operated wheel lock bar
  • Silver powder-coated frame
  • Closure strap

Convaid Rodeo Benefits

  • Suitable for children who cannot maintain thoracic, pelvic, or head position and/or balance against gravity for prolonged periods of time
  • Adjustable seat depth provides 5 years of growth capabilities and extends chair life for a growing child
  • Dynamic Positioning options of the Convaid wheelchair promote increased sitting tolerance for maximum comfort
  • Easy to fold for maximal portability
  • Removable and fully washable special needs stroller
  • Two frame options allow extensive seating possibilities
  • Optional Individual Footplates are angle adjustable for optimum leg and foot positioning
  • Transit option meets WC19 transport safety standards
  • Adjustable 90 degrees to 110 degrees recline option opens the seat-to-back angle to provide postural relief
  • Customizable

Suitable Environment

  1. Chair designed for indoor and outdoor use
  2. Wipe off excess water if used in the rain
  3. Clean chair if splashed with mud or corrosive substances
  4. Avoid contact with seawater to prevent corrosion
  5. Clean wheels before transitioning from outside to inside to prevent soiling indoors

When to use Convaid Rodeo?

  • Convaid Rodeo Tilt Wheelchair provides position change for children who cannot maintain pelvic, thoracic, or head position
  • A person with physical disabilities who is frequently or permanently non-ambulatory
  • The Stroller wheelchair provides position change for those who cannot independently shift body weight
  • Provides appropriate position for children who are at risk for:
    - Digestive complications: Tilt can be used to promote postures that reduce the risk of G.I. complications such as gastritis, gastric reflux, esophagitis, and/or bowel impaction
    - Postural hypotension: Tilt encourages blood flow above heart level in case blood pressure drops
    - Respiratory complications: Tilt can be used to promote thoracic and diaphragm extension
    - Autonomic dysreflexia: Tilt of Convaid Pediatric Wheelchair allows the child to be brought quickly into an upright position to assist in lowering blood pressure
  • Provides position change without the risk of shear forces (pelvis sliding)
  • Provides position change while reducing the risk of extensor spasticity

What to buy with Convaid Rodeo Wheelchair

How to use Convaid Stroller Wheelchair?

Unfolding Convaid Stroller

  1. Lay Convaid Rodeo Tilt wheelchair stroller down with seat facing upward
  2. Unbuckle closure strap
  3. Push in gray buttons on leg rest extensions and swing them out and upward until parallel with the ground
  4. Open the folded footplate and attach calf support to the footplate with Velcro
  5. Apply wheel lock
  6. Push in gray buttons on the push handle, and lift upward until the handle is at a 90-degree angle with a chair
  7. Place the foot on the caster tube and push against the back tubes using both hands. Ensure the safety lock clicks into place by visually inspecting both sides
    Warning: Make sure the safety lock clicks into place. Two clicks will be heard. Look to see that safety lock pins are visible and fully exposed on both sides
  8. Adjust the push handle and footplate to the desired position
  9. If applicable, lower armrests, unfold lateral trunk supports, and place seat cushion onto seat upholstery

Folding Convaid Stroller

  1. Before folding, the front wheels of the Convaid Rodeo Tilt Wheelchair should be in a forward-facing position
  2. Apply the wheel lock by pushing the wheel lock bar downwards
  3. Position the chair fully upright (not tilted or reclined)
    Warning: Keep fingers free of the folding mechanism
    Flip up the armrest, fold lateral trunk supports, and remove the seat cushion if applicable
  4. Push in gray buttons on leg rest extensions and swing them upward until parallel with the ground. Detach the calf panel and fold up the footplate
  5. To disengage the safety lock, grasp red levers and simultaneously squeeze them together with one hand. With the other hand, hold top of the push handle, pulling it toward you
  6. Push the chair downward into the folded position
  7. Push in gray buttons on the push handle, and rotate the handle back onto the chair
  8. Secure the closure strap to hold the chair in the folded position
  9. Push in gray buttons on the leg rest, and rotate the leg rest under the chair
  10. With a straight back, bend your knees and lift the chair

Performing the Recline Function:

Recline Position -

  1. Rotate the Push Handle downward: Push in the Grey Push Buttons located on the side of the Push Handle; at the same time, rotate the Push Handle downward
  2. Recline the seat back: Lift the Push Handle upward to relieve the occupant's weight. At the same time, pull upwards on the Recline Pull Loop and recline the seat back to the desired position

Upright Position -

  • To return the seat back to an upright position, repeat steps 1 and 2. Push the seat back up to bring it upright instead of reclining down

Tilt Adjustment:

The tilt feature allows for added comfort and/or convenience during feeding. To tilt, squeeze the tilt lever on the chair handle and push down. Release the lever when the desired angle of tilt has been achieved


  • For safety, the seat belt should be used at all times
  • Do not leave user unattended
  • Do not strap user too tight
  • Straps should not interfere with breathing or circulation
  • Always apply wheel lock before letting go of the chair
  • Remove tray, storage basket, canopy and oxygen tank bag during transport, except when medically necessary
  • If front edge of seat is at or forward of the point where tires touch the floor, avoid using front of seat tubes for support during entry or exit from chair to prevent tipping
  • Avoid using footplates for weight support during exit or entry of the chair

Useful Guides

Convaid Tilt in Space Stroller Specifications

Rodeo Tilt RD10 RD12 RD14 RD16
Folded height (inch) 17.5 17 18 18
Folded length (inch) 33.5 34 34 40
Folded width (inch) 21 23 25 27
Foot plate angle (°) -40 -40 -40 -40
Headrest extension (inch) 6 8 8 8
Overall height (inch) 43 43 44 45
Overall length (inch) 30.5 35 35 36
Overall width (inch) 21 23 25 27
Push handle adjustments (inch) 32-48.5 34.5-51 35-52 36-53.5
Recline adjustment (°) 90° or 110° 90° or 110° 90° or 110° 90° or 110°
Seat back height (inch) 21 22 24 25
Seat depth (inch) 7-12 09-14 11-16 13-18
Seat to flipped individual angle adjustable footplate (inch) - 4.5-9.25 4.25-11 7.25-13.25
Seat to flipped one piece angle adjustable footplate (inch) 5.25-11.25 5.25-11.25 7.25-13.25 9.25-15.25
Seat to floor (inch) 20 21 22 22
Seat to individual angle adjustable footplate (inch) 7-13 07-13 9.5-15.5 12-18
Seat to one piece angle adjustable footplate (inch) 9-14 09-14 11-16 13-18
Seat width (inch) 10 12 14 16
Shoulder strap height (inch) 13-19 15-21 16-22 18-24
Tilt in space tilt angle (°) 5° - 45° 5° - 45° 5° - 45° 5° - 45°
Total weight (lbs) 29 33 37 39
Weight capacity (lbs) 75 75 100 170
Weight seat unit (lbs) 29 33 37 39


Convaid Rodeo Warranty

Mobility base: Lifetime of original retail buyer
Other components: One year
Fabric & webbing: One year

Convaid Rodeo Wheelchair Reviews


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