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Measuring Instruments are used to provide measurements relating to daily lives of the users. They include a wide assortment of products to meet specific user requirements. There are dynamometers to measure grip strength, goniometers to measure angle, inclinometers to measure range of motion, pedometers to measure distance walked and heart rate monitors to measure heart rate. Health Products For You offers measuring instruments from top-selling manufacturers like Fabrication Enterprises, Chattanooga Group, Lafayette Instruments, Patterson Medical, etc.

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Different Measuring Devices and Instruments

  • Dynamometer: Dynamometer is used for measuring grip strength. It has an adjustable handle that fits comfortably in most hand sizes and locks into place. Indicator of this measuring device stays at maximum setting until it is reset for another measurement. 

  • Goniometer: Goniometer is designed to measure angle or allow objects to rotate to an angular position. It is popularly used where range of motion of finger or other small joints is to be measured. 

  • Heart Rate Monitors: Heart rate monitor is designed to provide all the heart rate related data that the user needs. It monitors the heart rate in just few seconds and displays it on LCD screen. 

  • Inclinometer: Inclinometer helps in measuring the angle of elevation, depression or slope of the objects. The measurement provided by inclinometer is with respect to the gravity. 

  • Pedometer: Pedometer is used to count the number of steps a user takes. It is a portable device that calculates the distance walked, steps taken and calories burnt. Misc. 

  • Measurement Instruments: Miscellaneous measurement instruments include a variety of measuring devices like sliding calipers, monofilament evaluator, pinch gauze, dolorimeter, skinfold caliper, etc.