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A pedometer is used to count the number of steps that you walk. It is an electronic or electromechanical device that works by detecting the movement of a person’s hand or hips while walking. Pedometers have evolved with time. New age pedometers are available with software that automatically determines the distance walked by the person with the help of GPS receiver. These pedometers are mostly used by sports persons and fitness enthusiasts. It is worn on the belt and can be worn all day to tell how many steps a person walks in a day along with the number of kilometers or miles. Sometimes pedometers also record false steps i.e. when you move to get in a car or bend down to tie your shoes. New age pedometers are designed to eliminate these false steps. Some pedometers also calculate the amount of calories burned.

Benefits of a Pedometer for Seniors

How to use Step Counters?

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HPFY brings to you pedometer devices like the Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer, Mabis DMI HealthSmart Three Dimension Pocket Pedometer or the Ekho Two Pedometer from quality manufacturers like Ekho, Fabrication Enterprises, Omron Healthcare and many more at best prices. Buy today to avail attractive discounts on all purchases.

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Frequently asked questions

The pedometer allows the wearer to measure activity level. This unique ability to provide the specific measurement (steps, miles, etc), allows the user to set specific 'goals' for workout.

Pedometer batteries generally last from 1 to 2 years. Most pedometers use small watch type batteries that are engineered to last a long time.

If a pedometer measures 'calories', it will probably require you to enter your weight. Weight is an important consideration in the 'calories burned' calculation.

Most pedometers are designed to be worn on the waistband - aligned (approximately) with the crease line in your shorts/slacks.

The pedometer should be worn as straight as possible - not leaning forward, back or side-to-side. If the pedometers is tilted, it will affect the accuracy of the mechanism that counts yours steps.

Most pedometers have a small weighted 'arm' mechanism that is suspended by a small spring that moves up and down as you walk. It is specifically designed to be sensitive to your walking motion - and moves up and down as you walk. Each time the 'arm' moves up and down, a step is counted. While that sounds very simple, the technical components within the pedometer have become very sophisticated and the accuracy of pedometers has improved dramatically over the years.