A pedometer is used to count the number of steps that you walk. It is an electronic or electromechanical device that works by detecting the movement of a person’s hand or hips while walking. Pedometers have evolved with time. New age pedometers are available with software that automatically determines the distance walked by the person with the help of GPS receiver. These pedometers are mostly used by sports persons and fitness enthusiasts. It is worn on the belt and can be worn all day to tell how many steps a person walks in a day along with the number of kilometers or miles. Sometimes pedometers also record false steps i.e. when you move to get in a car or bend down to tie your shoes. New age pedometers are designed to eliminate these false steps. Some pedometers also calculate the amount of calories burned.

Benefits of a pedometer

  • By telling you the number of steps it can motivate you to walk
  • You can set scientific goals of walking i.e. walking a certain number of steps or kilometers and burning calories thereof.
  • You can easily track these goals and alter them according to your capacity.

Reaping the benefits of pedometers

  • Wear it all day long to monitor your activity level.
  • It must be worn on the side of a hip or directly on the knees for more accurate results.
  • Make sure it is not loose and is secured on the belt in an upright position. A tilted device may not produce accurate results.
  • Always test the pedometer for accuracy by manually counting the number of steps.
  • If the results vary greatly then try putting the pedometer on a different place on your body.

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