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What is a Goniometer?

A Goniometer is a device that measures an angle or allows an object to be rotated to a precise angular position.

What are the uses of Goniometer?

Goniometers are used to measure angles. The use of goniometers is done in many fields including medicine and physical therapy. Occupational therapy also has a great use for goniometers. These devices are used to measure the range of motion of joints. Goniometers come in various sizes. For measuring range of motion of fingers to larger joints. These are made up of plastic and are marked with angle measurements. To be more specific they can be used to measure

  • ROM of the knee
  • ROM of the arm at the elbow
  • ROM of the waist
  • ROM in the fingers and the wrist.

It is used to note the angle of motion in the start of a treatment. As the treatment progresses the range of motion is measured several times to track the effectiveness of the treatment.

Techniques of Goniometry

  • It is necessary to use a single notation system in goniometry. The 0 to 180-degree system is the most widely used method.
  • To reduce the chances of instrumental error, the same goniometer should always be used.
  • The part of the body should be reasonably exposed and free to be measured using a goniometer.
  • It is important to measure and record both the active and passive range of motion.

Where to buy Goniometers online?

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