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A Goniometer is a measuring device that helps measure the range of motion at a joint. It is measured in degrees and seems like a protractor with two arms. One arm remains stationary, and the other is movable, which helps determine the degree or range of motion. Using this measuring device helps determine the cause and severity of issues you may have with joint movement. Health Products For You brings you a wide range of goniometric measurement tools from best manufacturers like Fabrication Enterprises, Patterson Medical, North Coast Medical, and more.

What is a Goniomter used for?

Goniometry is a method that is used to measure angles. Goniometers are used in many fields, including medicine and physical therapy. Occupational therapy also has great use for this measuring device. These devices are used to measure the range of motion of joints and come in various sizes for measuring the range of motion of fingers to larger joints. These are made up of plastic and are marked with angle measurements. To be more specific, they can be used to measure

It is used to note the angle of motion at the start of treatment. As the treatment progresses, the range of motion is measured several times to track the effectiveness of the treatment.

Parts of Goniometer

There are three parts of a goniometer:

  1. Body: There is a circular part that can have measurements as 180 degrees or 360 degrees.
  2. Stationary Arm: This arm is attached to the circular part of the scale and is dependent on the goniometer's movement.
  3. Movable Arm: The other arm is movable and is usually fixed with a screw on the goniometer
Goniometer Parts

How to take Goniometric Measurements?


There are two arms in a goniometer. One arm has a circle with angle degrees marked on it, and the other arm is movable and helps in taking measurements. You will keep the moving arm on the limb and will see the angle degree that the moving arm is pointing to.

Aligning Goniometer Measurements


Place the center of the goniometer on the fulcrum or the center part of the joint. Keeping the center of the scale on the center of the joint would help you to get an accurate measurement.

Goniometer Placement


Hold the scale's fulcrum with a stationary arm on the limb. Keep the limb stationary while another limb rotates. This measurement can be taken for different body parts by aligning the arms of the goniometer with the bones in your body.

Using Goniometer


Move the joint forward or backward as possible while holding the goniometer and stationary limb in place. Avoid moving any other part of your body except the limb being measured. Stretch the joint as far as it will go safely, then secure your limb.

Stretch the Joint


After stretching your limb as far as it can go, place the moving arm in the position where it gets aligned with the stretched limb.

  • The scale's moving arm should go straight down the center of the limb that is moved.
  • The fulcrum of the goniometer should still be placed on the center of the joint.
Adjusting Moving Arm of Goniometer with Moving Limb


The moving arm will point at the angle degree on the stationary arm, and you will get the degree and the range of motion. Note the range of motion in degrees on a piece of paper.


Techniques of Goniometry

FAQs About Goniometric Measurements

How to read Goniometer?

The moving arm of the scale should be pointing at the angle degree on the stationary arm, telling you the range of motion. From there, you will get the degree of range of motion.

What is the normal ROM for a knee?

A fully bent knee will max out at about a full range of motion of 135° degrees of flexion. As a general rule, knee flexion of about 125° will allow you to carry out most normal activities. For daily living, a minimum flexion of around 105°-110° is required.

How do you measure range of motion of all joints?

A joint's ROM is usually measured by the number of degrees from the starting position of a segment to its position at the end of its full range of the movement. The most common way this is done is by using a double-armed goniometer.

Does a goniometer measure flexibility?

It is a device that measures an angle or permits the rotation of an object to a definite position. It is a useful tool for measuring the flexibility of a joint, and is commonly used by physiotherapists, physicians, physical therapists, physiologists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and sport scientists.

Where to buy Goniometers online?

At HPFY, we have a collection of goniometers for all types of uses. We have the standard 360 Degrees Transparent Plastic Goniometer for multiple uses. The Baseline Plastic 180 Degree Digit Finger Goniometer is used to measure more compact joints. For measuring larger joints, try the Exacta Transparent International Goniometer. Baseline Large Joint Arthrodial Protractor Goniometer is a device used to measure the range of motion of the neck joint. Many other specialized goniometers are available for clinical uses. We sell products from featured vendors like Fabrication Enterprises , North Coast Medical , Chattanooga and many more at best prices with attractive discounts on each purchase. Buy now and save big!

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Frequently asked questions

The following degrees of flexion are required for the given activities:

- 65° to walk
- 70° to lift an object from the floor
- 85° for stair climbing
- 95° for comfortable sitting and standing
- 105° for tying shoelaces

Range of Motion (ROM) is measured by your surgeon or therapist using a device called a Goniometer. You can purchase one yourself online so that you can do the measuring.

A goniometer consists of two hands connected by a joint which is usually attached to a circular piece that is labeled with multiple angular measurements. It is usually made of plastic or wood. As one limb is moved towards or away from the other limb, it is dragged along the circular piece and displays a measurement. Goniometers are available in various sizes depending upon the area of application.

Medical practitioners use goniometers to measure the range of motion found in a patient’s appendage before and after treatment in order to determine if the treatment is actually improving the patient’s condition.

  • Goniometers are portable and are simple enough to be produced in masses in a short amount of time
  • They are inexpensive and have many different purposes, ranging from those found in the medical industry to applications in physical science
  • Goniometers have been used for over two hundred years and have contributed to the advancement of many different fields

  • Goniometers must be carefully labeled with respect to the angles that they measure.
  • Goniometers are limited by the materials that they can be constructed from
  • They must be used in conjunction with a surface medium in order to provide any significant results