Inclinometers are used to measure the passive range of motion i.e. they allow the medical practitioner to compare the patient’s relaxed position to the ability to move. These devices are basically used to measure the range of motion of a joint. These devices are good for measuring the range of motion in the field of physical and occupational therapy. They are also used for tracking the effectiveness of therapy in the course of recovery. Inclinometers measure the body’s position and stability in certain areas along with slope and tilt of joints. Inclinometers are small devices that are placed close to the joint and the dial is set to 0 initially. Several range of motion tests are conducted and the readings recorded. Sometimes two inclinometers can be used in conjugation to measure the range of motion of the spine and the stability angle simultaneously. Dual inclinometers are used for testing the upper and lower spine side by side where one device is placed on the cervical or upper thoracic region and the other is placed in the lumbar region.

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