Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors are devices that are used to monitor a person’s heart rate. You can record your heart rate in real time and keep a record for later use. These devices are mostly used by athletes and performers to judge where the body is being pushed without the risk of injury or overuse. Heart rate monitors can measure how hard you are working, perfect for cardio workouts. It is a great tool for beginners to exercise at a correct pace and set goals not pushing too hard to cause injuries. Exercising in the targeted range assures that you are getting the best out of your exercise. These devices help you in burning enough calories without the risk of injury. Heart rate monitors are also called fitness trackers.

Types of heart rate monitors

Chest Heart rate monitors

This type of heart rate monitor is strapped to the chest and always provides the most accurate results as it remains close to your heart. The display unit is like a simple wrist watch that is strapped on your wrist to show the current heart rate. These monitors signal by using a beep sound when the heart rate goes beyond a certain limit.

Fetal heart rate monitors

these monitors are used during pregnancy or labor to monitor the heart rate of the fetus. This gives the doctors a clear idea of how the baby is doing or if there is some problem.

Wrist Heart rate monitors

These monitors are worn on the wrist. They also provide additional features like time and date and a stop watch. They provide continuous heart rate while being water resistant.

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