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What is a Heel Protector Pillow?

A heel protector pillow is designed to offload pressure from the heel to help prevent decubitus ulcers on the bony prominence of the foot. These cushions are specially fashioned to relieve pressure on the feet, ankle, and heels of immobilized people confined to bed or wheelchair. They are constructed from resilient polyester fiberfill and are super cozy that provide great comfort and support.

Benefits of Heel Pillow

  • They aid bedbound and bariatric patients who are at risk for skin breakdown and friction burns. 
  • They offload pressure from the heel, thereby assisting in preventing and healing decubitus ulcers and pressure sores. 
  • They help elevate and cushion the heel while relieving pressure. 
  • They help with recovery from heel injuries or pain. 
  • The polyester fiberfill is comfortable against the skin enabling prolonged use without irritation.

How Heel Pillow Helps in Prevention of Decubitus Ulcers?

Non-ambulating patients are at risk of developing pressure ulcers on or around bony prominences, such as the heel. Heels are prone to skin breakdown because the posterior heel is only covered by a thin layer of skin and fat. So, the heels are minimally protected from the applied forces of pressure, shear, and friction. Heel pillows help offload heel pressure and provide cushioned foot support and comfort to the patient. These pillows stay in place and protect from friction and shear, thus preventing decubitus ulcers. The heel pillow keeps the heel off the mattress to relieve excess pressure for individuals who spend most of the time in bed.

Heel Cushion Options at HPFY

  • Posey Heel Pillows help protect heels and ankles from skin irritation and friction burns. 
  • Medline Heel Pillow Boots provide heel suspension and reduce the risk of foot drop. 
  • Rolyan Heel Boot is designed to alleviate pressure from the heel to the calf and is ideal for home or on-the-go use.

Where to Buy Heel Pillows Online?

Health products for you offer a wide range of heel pillows that help protect heels from ulcers, pressure sores and aid those recovering from heel injuries. These pillows are from our esteemed vendors Medline Industries, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, CareActive, and many more.

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