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What is a Heel Cushion and Pad?

Cushions and pads are ergonomically designed to provide soft cushioning to the foot. They help in reducing the pressure at the base of the calcaneus and enhance comfort. They have been designed to reduce heel pressure and absorb the shock of walking and running. Their exclusive cushioning layer protects from impact and stress, keeping the tender Achilles heel area soft. Cushions and pads are designed to overcome leg length inequalities, heel spurs, and other clinical conditions. They help restore normal contour, muscle tone, and systemic function with maximum foot comfort. These products are ideal for most shoe types and designed to provide foot comfort where you need it the most. Any normal person can also use heel pads to prevent any heel injuries. They are available at HPFY in different sizes and styles.

Health Products For You has a comprehensive collection of foot care products, including heel protector pads, heel lifts, corn pads, heel spur cushions, bunion shields, blister pads, and many more. These products have been made by well-known names in the industry, like Mabis DMI Healthcare, and, SkilCare Corp, to name a few. They guarantee you long-lasting support, comfort, and relief from many types of foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, shin splint pain, Haglunds heel, heel/knee and back pain, and fat pad atrophy.

When to use Heel Cushions and Pads?

How do Cushions and Pads Benefit Heel Spurs?

The heel spur is a condition where calcium deposit causes bony growth on the underside of the heel bone. Heel spurs are caused due to long-term muscle, and ligament strain wears out the soft tissues in the heel. It happens gradually over some time. The following reasons may contribute to developing heel spurs:

  • Walking running or jumping on hard surfaces
  • Excessive stress on the feet
  • Too much athletic activity
  • Female Anatomy
  • Old age
  • Bad Gait
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes
  • Lack of adequate arch support in the shoes
  • Excess weight and increased pressure load
  • Overpronation

Heel spurs are often characterized by swelling, inflammation, and sharp pain at the site. The pain can be debilitating and affects day to day activity. It necessitates the need to treat the heel spur for the foot to return to optimal condition. Most of the time, it is difficult to detect heel spurs through the naked eye. Heel spurs are often discovered only through x-rays and other tests done for another foot issue. Fortunately, heel spurs are treatable through conservative treatment, rarely requiring surgery. Conventional treatments include rest, ice, stretching exercises, weight loss, over-the-counter pain relievers, braces, and heel pads.

Wearing a support or heel cushion can help alleviate pain resulting from heel spurs. The heel is normally the first bone to touch the ground and result in a shocking amount of pain with a heel spur. The heel cushion or pad is designed to absorb the shock the heel normally takes. Gel cushions effectively reduce pain in the ball of your foot and provide comfort and shock absorption. The special blue dot is made of medical-grade silicone for long-lasting support and comfort. Silicone gives optimal absorption of the shock generated from everyday walking, running, and high-impact heel strike. These are easy to wear in most shoe types and can be easily moved from shoe to shoe. FLA Orthopedics Soft Point Silicone Heel Cushion with Dot and Bort Silicone Heel Spur Cushion With SoftSpot effectively alleviates heel spur pain.

What are my options for Heel Cushions and Pads?

  1. Norco Adjustable Heel Lifts are used for correcting leg length inequality. It also helps in relieving stress on the plantar fascia.
  2. FLA Orthopedics Soft Point Viscolas Heel Spur Cushions come with a removable plug to create a cavity beneath the area of greatest discomfort.
  3. EHOB Foot Waffle Air Cushion has air-filled straps and a footpad, which helps to prevent pressure ulcers.
  4. Steady Step Sol Step Gel Heel Pad provides adequate compression to the heel and arch and reduces edema and swelling.
  5. Steins Adhesive Felt BP-12 Bunion Pad helps in reducing pain resulting from bunions, calluses, and blisters.

Where to buy Heel Cushions and Pads Online?

HPFY offers a wide array of heel cushions and pads that are extremely useful in supporting the heels if you stand or walk a lot in your day-to-day life. These products are from top manufacturers like Norco, Silipos, Bird And Cronin, and many more.

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