Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are bony protrusions beneath the heel bone caused due to calcium deposits. This condition is also known as heel spur syndrome and can be as long as half an inch. A heel spur can be detected with the help of an X-ray of the heel. Heel spurs can also be accompanied by another foot condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. Heel spurs can be treated with exercise, custom made orthotics, and certain medications prescribed by your physician. Heel spurs are generally treated by methods that help to decrease the associated inflammation or prevention of injury to the site. HPFY strives to improve your condition by bringing to you a range of products to help you heal faster.


Heel Spurs Risk Factors

  • Abnormalities in walking, placing extra pressure on the heel bone, ligaments and nerves around the heel area.  
  • Jumping, jogging or running on hard surfaces.  
  • Shoes that are poorly fitted or worn badly especially those that provide bad arch support.  
  • Obesity or overweight 
  • Decrease in flexibility of plantar fascia and thinning of heel’s protective fat pad with growing age.
  • Diabetes 
  • Work that makes one stand on their feet for most part of the day.  
  • People with flat feet or high arches

Often heel spurs do not exhibit any symptoms. They may cause intermittent or chronic pain while running, walking, or jogging. Sometimes inflammation might develop at the point of the spur formation due to the soft tissue injury caused to the tissues associated with the heel. The pain due to a heel spur feels like a sharp object sticking below the feet when you first stand up in the morning or after a prolonged period of sitting. This feeling converts to a mild ache later on. If you are looking for products for heel spurs you are just a few clicks away! These include popular products like the FLA Orthopedics Soft Point Silicone Heel Cup with Dot, Silipos WonderZorb WonderSpur Soft Silicone Heel Cup, Steady Step Heel Hugger Therapeutic Stabilizer with Sealed Ice Gel Pad and many more from well-known manufacturers like Medi Dyne, Brown Medical, BSN Medical etc. at best prices on HPFY.