Trividia True Metrix Air Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter
Trividia True Metrix Air Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter

Trividia True Metrix Air Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter

Brand/Manufacturer: TRIVIDIA HEALTH INC

Trividia True Metrix Air Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter is a simple, accurate way to test whole blood glucose (sugar) level, anytime, anywhere. The True Metrix Air System features advanced event tags that combine lifestyle with management. True Metrix Air technology with reach and integrated wireless capability seamlessly delivers result to a mobile device to provide simple tracking, insights, empowering the user and their healthcare provider to make better decisions for a healthier life.

Trividia True Manager Air App Highlights

  • Has Bluetooth Smart Connectivity 
  • Has 4-testing reminder alarms 
  • No Coding is there 
  • Helps to Control Detection

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REA4H01-01 Blood Glucose Meter Each $1.30

Trividia True Metrix Air Glucose Meter Features

  • Stores 1000 results with time and date 
  • Bluetooth smart connectivity wirelessly transmits glucose results to the mobile device
  • No coding
  • As Fast as 4 Seconds
  • Tiny 0.5 microliter sample size
  • Alternate site testing
  • 7-, 14-, 30-, 60- and 90- day averaging
  • Event tagging
  • 4 testing reminder alarms
  • Audible fill detection
  • Control Detection
  • Ketone test reminder
  • Strip release button - Eliminates handling of strips after testing
  • Elegant black soft touch meter casing makes it easy to handle
  • Download capabilities
  • TRUE MANAGER AIR Mobile App and TRUE METRIX AIR Blood Glucose wireless meter, users can track data to get valuable insights that link daily activity with their glucose results
  • Easy-to-read charts, graphs and customizable notes make understanding data actionable
  • Intended Use:
    • Intended for the quantitative measurement of glucose (sugar) in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertip or forearm
    • To be used by a single person and not to be shared
    • For self-testing outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use) by people with diabetes at home as an aid to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes control

Trividia True Metrix Air Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter User Manual

How To Use Trividia True Metrix Blood Glucose Meter?

Blood Glucose Testing:
  • Wash your hands with warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly.
  • Remove test strip from a vial and close vial immediately. Insert strip into Test Port with black blocks facing up. The meter turns on.
  • Lance your finger.
  • With strip still in meter, touch tip of the strip to blood drop. Allow blood to be drawn into the strip.
  • Remove strip from drop immediately after meter beeps and dashes appear across Meter Display
  • Glucose result will be displayed with alternating date and time
  • Hold meter in a vertical position with strip pointing down.
  • Press Strip Release Button to discard the used strip from the meter.

Care Instructions:
  • All parts of your blood glucose monitoring system could carry bloodborne pathogens after use, even after cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the lancing device and the meter destroys most, but not necessarily all, blood-borne pathogens
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after handling the meter, lancing device, lancets, or test strips as contact with blood presents an infection risk.
  • If the meter is being operated by a second person who provides testing assistance, the meter, and lancing device should be disinfected prior to use by the second person.
  • It is important to keep the meter clear and disinfected.

To Clean
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • To Clean: Make sure meter is off and a test strip is not inserted.
  • With ONLY PDI Super Sani-Cloth Wipes rub the entire outside of the meter using 3 circular wiping motions with moderate pressure on the front, back, left side, right side, top and bottom of the meter.
  • Discard used wipes.

To Disinfect
  • Using fresh wipes, make sure that all outside surfaces of the meter remain wet for 2 minutes.
  • Make sure no liquids enter the Test Port or another opening in the meter.
  • Let meter air dry thoroughly before using to test.
  • Wash hands thoroughly again after handling meter.
  • Verify that the System is working properly by performing an Automatic Self-Test (see Getting Started). Stop using the meter and call Customer Care for assistance if meter display appears cloudy or any display segments are missing, Markings on meter, including back meter label, are coming off or are missing, Buttons on the meter are hard to push or do not work, Unable to insert test strip into Test Port, Automatic Self-Test gives an error message.
  • Note: Other disinfectants have not been tested. The effect of other disinfectants used interchangeably has not been tested with the meter. Use of disinfectants other than Super Sani-Cloth Wipes may damage meter.

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