Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Capsulitis is a condition of the shoulder joint that leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder. It can take from 1-3 years to heal completely. Your shoulder is composed of three main bones. The humerus (upper arm), scapula (shoulder blade), clavicle (collar bone) and the surrounding tissue provide the arm its mobility and function. All of them form the shoulder capsule. With adhesive capsulitis the shoulder capsule becomes so thick and stiff that it is difficult to move it. At HPFY we have a range of products that help in management of frozen shoulder. Browse this range now to find the suitable product for your condition.

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Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

  • Dull achy pain in one shoulder  

  • Pain in shoulder muscles around the top of your arm 

  • Upper arm pain 

  • Intensity of pain increases at night

Stages of Adhesive Capsulitis

  • Freezing stage: Pain is experienced when you try to move the shoulder in this stage. It may hurt more at night. This stage can last from 6-9 months.   

  • Frozen stage: Moving the shoulder becomes increasingly difficult. You may not be able to get through your daily activities. Pain medications can help with the pain but the stiffness gets worse. This stage may extend from 4-12 months.  

  • Thawing stage: This stage marks an improvement in the shoulder function. OTC pain medicines can help with pain and inflammation. Physical therapy in the presence of a trained therapist can help you to regain the range of motion. Effects of physical therapy may be more at this stage than in other stages. In more intense cases your doctor may prefer corticosteroid injections or joint distention. Surgical procedures are very rarely required for a frozen shoulder.

Health conditions like heart attack, chest surgery, hypothyroidism, Parkinson's disease, mastectomy, brain surgery, diabetes etc. may cause a frozen shoulder. HPFY brings to you a range of products for relieving pain and inflammation in the shoulder. Try the Battle Creek Good2GO Microwave Moist Shoulder and Knee Heat Therapy Pad for compression and hot therapy, BioMedical BioKnit Conductive Sport Shoulder Garment for immobilizing your arm to prevent further damage or the BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley Exerciser for increasing your shoulder range of motion and many more. Buy these products at effective prices and attractive discounts.