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GivMohr Sling

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GivMohr Sling is a dynamic positioning device designed to reduce shoulder subluxation and support the flaccid upper extremity in a functional position during activities in standing and ambulation. GivMohr Sling is ideal for neurological diagnoses. It provides a reduction of subluxation in sitting and standing. It provides dynamic joint compression of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist during standing and ambulation to facilitate the return.

GivMohr Sling Benefits

  • Positioning device for flaccid upper extremities
  • Promote functional positioning of the upper extremity
  • Reduce shoulder pain
  • Not made with natural rubber latex


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GivMohr Arm Sling Features

  • Supports either left or right arm
  • Reduces shoulder subluxation
  • Supports the arm in a functional position
  • Facilitates improved balance, improved posture, and improved gait
  • Improves activities of daily living
  • Protects the flaccid arm and shoulder joint
  • Supports head of Humerus in Glenoid
  • Humerus held in near the neutral rotation
  • Facilitates more symmetrical stride length and allows controlled arm swing
  • The elbow is held in mild flexion
  • Washable and can be worn under clothing

When to use?

It is ideal for neurological diagnoses including

  • ALS
  • Stroke / CVA
  • Brachial Plexus Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury / TBI
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Post Polio Syndrome
  • Central Cord Syndrome

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How to use GivMohr Arm and Shoulder Subluxation Slings?

Initial Fitting and Adjustment

Figure A Position hand into Handpiece Position hand into Handpiece See for Proper fitting

  1. Place the uninvolved arm through the shoulder loop
  2. Lay sling across back and drape anterior strap over-involved shoulder with blue stripe against the arm and “GivMohr” side of 4-Tab facing out (Figure A)
  3. Position 4-Tab low on the back between shoulder blades
  4. Position hand into Handpiece (Figure B)
  5. Position the Elbow Strap horizontally 1” below the elbow (Figure B)
  6. Adjust both straps at buckles to reduce the subluxation
  7. Slide the Axillary (Arm Pit) Pad to a comfortable position (Figure C)
  8. Reposition 4-Tab for optimum comfort and function(Figure 8)
  9. Lock 4-Tab(Figure 9)
  10. Adjust Handpiece if needed
  11. Adjust the posterior strap to bring the shoulder into neutral rotation

Locking the 4-Tab Buckle for Optimal Fit (Recommended):

  • Correctly position the Giv mohr Sling
  • Position the unlocked 4-Tab for optimum comfort and function. AVOID placing 4-Tab on the base of the neck. Greater comfort is typically achieved with the 4-Tab located low on the back (about the level of the bottom of the shoulder blade).
  • ALTERNATE POSITION: Locate the 4-Tab over the lower half of the shoulder blade of the involved shoulder. AVOID placement over any bony prominence.
  • Lock the 4-Tab in place by snapping the webbing under the locking hooks on ALL 4 SIDES
  • Re-check the overall fit of the GivMohr Sling and repeat if needed

Donning Instructions

Once fitted by a therapist with 4-Tab Buckle secured, no further adjustment should be needed.

  1. Orient sling on a flat surface with Blue Stripe (inside) up
  2. Place the uninvolved arm through the shoulder loop
  3. Lay a sling across the back and drape the anterior strap over-involved shoulder
  4. Check the 4-Tab Position and adjust if necessary
  5. Position the hand into Handpiece and allow the arm to hang by the side
  6. Locate Elbow Strap horizontally 1-1/2" below the elbow When doffing the sling, remove the sling from the elbow first
  7. Check Strap Positions and adjust at buckles to reduce subluxation if necessary
  8. Check the Axillary (Arm Pit) Pad position and adjust for comfort if necessary

Washing and Care Instructions

  1. Hand wash in cold water
  2. Air dry

Note: To avoid damaging the sling, do not machine wash or dry

GivMohr Sling Donning Instructions

GivMohr Sling Specifications

Note: If "Height Range" and "Weight Range" yield different results, look at where the user carries their weight to assist in determining the proper size sling to use. If the weight is carried higher on the body (chest/shoulders), give priority to the "Weight Range" result. If the weight is carried lower on the body (stomach/hips), give priority to the "Height Range" result.


Size Height Weight
Pediatric N/A 45-70 lbs
X-Small Less than 5.0" (152 cm) 80-100 lbs
Small 5.0"-5.4" (152-163 cm) 100-140 lbs
Medium 5.3"-5.10" (160-178 cm) 135-185 lbs
Large 5.10"-6.4" (178-193 cm) 180-235 lbs
X-Large over 6.4" (193 cm) Over 235 lbs


GivMohr Arm and Shoulder Sling Reviews


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