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Our feet do a lot for us, yet we take them for granted most of the time. Most people experience aches, inflammations, and joint pains every so often but decide not to do anything about them. However, not treating feet problems on time can lead to graver consequences. Some of these problems arise because of some structural defects in the feet. Fortunately, the right treatment can rectify structural defects of the feet. Health Products For You brings you a wide range of foot management aids to solve all your foot pain problems. Our products are manufactured by leading names such as Vive Health, Silipos, and Profoot Inc., etc.

5 Common Foot Problems and their Solutions At HPFY

1. Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot is a very common and contagious foot condition caused by walking in the dampened areas. It is a fungal infection that develops between the toes. It can significantly cause a lot of discomfort, pain, and itchiness. Since the fungus grows in warm and wet areas, wearing wet shoes can aggravate the issue at hand.

2. Hammertoes

Hammertoe is a bending deformity of either one or both of the joints of the toes. The deformity may be on any of the toes from the second to the fifth one. This abnormality of the toes can put pressure on the toe, especially while wearing shoes. The deformity starts very mildly and later on becomes worsened with time. The Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Cushion available at HPFY eases pressure on toe tips to aids in the prevention of corns, blisters, and calluses. It also helps in soothing ball-of-foot pain often associated with a hammer, claw, or arthritic toe condition. The stretchable gel ring holds the cushion in place without adhesives.

3. Bunions

A bunion is a bump that forms on the joint right at the base of the first toe. A bunion develops when a bone of the foot moves out of its place. It eventually causes the tip of the toe to pull inward and stick to the other toes. The Budin Toe Splint by PediFix features soft, cotton elasticated loops or bands and dual-layer cushioned foam padding. It is designed to help align hammertoes, treats corn on toes, straightens hammer toes, crooked toes, supports week muscles of toes, and helps reduce metatarsal Pain (painful ball of the foot). Its adjustable loops keep the toes in their proper position with gentle and constant pressure.

4. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common reason for heel pain. It includes excessive inflammation of the thick tissue band that is present all across the base of the foot, which connects the heel bone to the toes or plantar fascia. Subsequently, Plantar fasciitis causes pangs of shooting pain in the morning when you put your feet down on the floor. However, as you start your day, the pain starts decreasing. Some people with plantar fasciitis complain about feeling pain after a prolonged standing still or standing up after sitting for long durations. The Prefabricated Splint by Trulife is designed for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. It features adjustable dorsiflexion for a controlled passive stretch of the affected region. It is fabricated of polypropylene, patient-friendly c-fold loop, and hook closures at calf and instep: adjustable hook and loop dorsiflexion straps and forefoot strap option.

5. Heel Spurs

A heel spur is a condition in which a calcium deposit results in a bony protrusion under the heel bone. Interestingly, in an X-ray, the heel spur may extend forward by a half-inch or so. Additionally, the condition without an X-ray may worsen, leading to heel spur syndrome. The Vive Gel Heel Protectors provide soft cushioning for every step. This moisturizing gel protects the heels from cracks, dryness, or bruises and relieves pain caused by heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis. Moreover, it safely stretches to accommodate any foot size, and the heel protectors are made with a latex-free silicone gel.

Where to buy Best Foot Care Products?

Health Products For You gives you plenty of options to choose from the best quality foot care products for yourself or your loved ones. Apart from heel protectors, cast lifters, and toe splints, we offer cradles and pillows that help foot management at home without much hassle. Check out our latest collection from top manufacturers like Geneva Healthcare and Vasyli Medical.

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