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What is a urine bag? 

A urine bag is a medical-grade PVC bag attached to a catheter used to collect and store urine temporarily after drained from the bladder. Catheters and urine drainage bags are used for patients who have urinary incontinence, urinary retention, a surgery that requires the catheter, or any other health issue impacting the regular flow of urine. 

The urinary drainage bag typically features: 

The connector secures the urine bag to the catheter while the flexible, kink-resistant drainage tube ensures the bag is well placed. There are mounting slots that are strengthened to help secure the bag vertically. 

Urinary bags come in different valve models, including twist, push-pull, T-tap, and rollover valves. Another type of valve, the anti-reflux valve, prevents the backflow of urine to the catheter and reduces the risk of infections

Valves mediate the flow, entry, and exit of the contents of the bag. Selection should be based on the patient’s preference and the doctor’s recommendation. 

Types of urine drainage bags 

Urinary drainage bags are classified into two categories: 

1. Leg bags 

The catheter leg bag is designed for daytime use and for people who are mobile. It will be connected to the catheter and then strapped to the inside thigh or calf using Velcro or elastic straps. Urine will drain from the bladder via the catheter into the urinary leg bag.  

The drainage bag will remain discreet under your clothing, and you can move freely without worrying about incontinence. The bag must be placed lower than the bladder to prevent the reflux of urine back into the bladder. 

2. Bedside drainage bags 

Bedside Drain Bags have a larger holding capacity and allow bedside urine collection. They are used at night when a large quantity of urine is produced throughout the night. They allow the incontinent patient to have a comfortable and restful sleep.  

Bedside bags are also suitable for those confined to bed due to injury, trauma, or coma. These bags are held away from the body on a floor stand or a hanger that hooks onto the bed frame or chair. 

Buying guide: Choosing the right urinary bag 

Mobility requirements 

Urine bag capacity 

Day or night use 


Length of inlet tube 

The length of the inlet tube can be determined by deciding where on your leg you want to attach the leg bag. 

Emptying the urinary drainage bag 

FAQs on Urine Bags

1. How often replace a urine collection bag? 

A urinary drainage bag should be replaced after four weeks of use. Change sooner if it smells bad or looks dirty. It is also recommended to consult a doctor, who may prescribe a more frequent change. 

2. How to clean a catheter bag? 

Wash your hands properly and disconnect the bag from the catheter tubing. Clean the used bag with a solution of 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts water. Alternatively, use 1 tablespoon of chlorine bleach mixed with a 1/2 cup of water. Allow the solution to soak inside the bag for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse the bag with cold water and air dry the bag. 

3. When to call the doctor 

Call your medical provider if you have any of the following symptoms: 

Where to buy urine bags online? 

At Health Products For You, you will find a wide range of catheter bags, including bedside bags, urine leg bags, and accessories for urinary bags from top leading manufacturers like Urocare, Bard, Medtronic, Medline Industries, etc., at the best prices. 

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Urinary Drainage Bags – Buying Guide

Anushree Kothari Jan 06,2018

Urinary drainage bags are used to collect urine from the bladder via a catheter. These urine collection bags are required by people who have urinary incontinence or are unable to urinate properly.


Frequently asked questions

Drainage bags are urinary bags designed to collect urine through a catheter inserted into the urinary bladder. The reasons for using a catheter and drainage bag could be urinary incontinence, urine retention or surgery.

Urinary drainage bags should be emptied out within every four to eight hours or earlier if full.

Clean the urine drainage bag once every 3 days.

  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Disconnect urine bag from the catheter tubing
  • Attach tubing to a back-up bag or drainage device
  • Drain remaining urine from the disconnected bag
  • Pour some soapy water into the bag and shake it around to make sure the water washes every corner of the bag
  • Drain the soapy water and close the valve Fill the bag with vinegar and water in
  • Fill the bag with vinegar and water in proportion of 2:3. Shake the solution and let it remain in the bag for 30 minutes
  • Drain the mixture and hang the bag to air dry

Buying a urinary drain bag will depend on individual requirement. There are different sizes available so it is necessary to match your bag with the catheter. Ensure the one you buy is of the right size and works effectively with the catheter you have bought.

A urinary leg bag should be replaced once or twice in a month. However, if it starts to smell bad or appears dirty, it should be replaced right away.