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Adult Diapers for Women

Incontinence is an issue that causes unwanted and accidental urine leaks while there is pressure on the bladder. Incontinence is common in older people and results from specific changes in body function. Incontinence in women can also be a menopausal symptom. But this problem cannot restrict you from your daily activities. Adult Diapers For Women are designed to offer more hygiene and incontinence protection to women. They are specially designed to provide reliable and discreet protection for those who experience bladder leakage or incontinence. HPFY carries skin-friendly female adult diapers that ensure comfort, confidence, and security with important features like absorbency, odor control, breathable material, and more. Choose the wide range of adult diapers at HPFY. We carry these incontinence products from the best brands like TENA, Kendall, Tranquility, and more at the best prices!

Types of Women Adult Diapers

Diapers with tabs

Diapers with tabs feature adjustable tabs on the sides, which allow for a customized fit and easy removal. They are particularly useful for individuals who require assistance with dressing or have limited mobility. Depend Protection With Tabs Incontinence Briefs have six easy grip tabs for a custom fit and are built into the design for simple modifications whether you're standing, lying down, or sitting.

Pull-up underwear

Pull-up diapers for women are designed to look and feel like regular underwear while providing reliable protection against bladder leakage or incontinence. They are easy to put on and take off, making them a popular choice for active women who want to maintain their independence and dignity. Attends Discreet Women's Underwear is worn under clothing like regular underwear; they provide an alternative to briefs for more active individuals.

Bladder control pads

Bladder control pads are a type of absorbent pad that is designed to be worn inside regular underwear to provide discreet protection against bladder leakage or incontinence. They are particularly useful for women with light to moderate leakage who want a more discreet and comfortable option than traditional adult diapers. Prevail Bladder Control Pads come with an adhesive strip that gently holds the pad in place in any type of underwear and is made to provide maximum protection against leaks and stains

How to choose Women's Diapers?

Choosing women's diapers requires some factors to consider when selecting the right product:

Absorbency level

When choosing women's diapers, it is important to look at the absorbency level of the diaper. Choosing the most absorbent adult diaper can help you to get extra security and comfort. Incontinence underwear is all about the absorption of fluids. Different people have different levels of incontinence. Thus it is important to choose an adult female diaper based on the absorbency and incontinence levels of the users.


An adult diaper consists of top sheet and back sheet material. Both sides of the diaper should have a comfortable and breathable material. Plastic back materials are very effective in retaining fluids, and the cloth-like material is quieter and more breathable.

Odor control

Choose the diapers for adults based on its odor-escaping quality. Having a breathable material that prevents the build-up of bad odor is an important factor to consider. It brings back the confidence of the wearer and maintains freshness in the environment.


For efficient protection and resistance from leakage, it is important to consider the proper fit of the female diapers. You can choose the diapers for women based on their waist and hip size. If the waistline becomes looser or opens up completely after a while, you should probably switch to a smaller size. Likewise, if you regularly experience leaks around the legs, you need a smaller size.

Where to buy Adult Diapers for Women Online?

Urinary incontinence leads to reduced quality of life, causes social isolation, and restricts lifestyles. To get protection from severe incontinence, one should look for highly absorbent options that will keep them clean and dry. Health Products For You aims to make health and wellness accessible to all its customers and offers products from trusted brands that have been tested for quality and reliability. Thus, we bring you the best leakproof diapers for adults from top-selling manufacturers like Essity, Cardinal Health, Abena, and more.

Our Best-Selling Women's Diapers

Seni Super Quatro Briefs

The super absorbent core of Seni Super Quatro - Female Adult Diapers keeps the skin dry and wicks away moisture to keep the user comfortable and dry. This adult diaper is ideal for those who are bedridden and have low mobility. It is safe for women and helps maintain feminine hygiene by reducing bacterial growth and controlling bad odor.

What are the benefits of Seni Quatro Diapers?

Attends Premier Briefs -Overnight Absorbency

To get overnight protection from heavy bladder leaks and for a sound sleep without worrying about urine leaks, get yourself Attend Premier Briefs, which has the main purpose of providing overnight protection, locking liquid, and wicking away moisture to keep the wearer dry and comfortable. Furthermore, the odor-controlling technology makes you feel confident and fresh throughout the day and night.

Features of Attends Premier Adult Overnight Diapers

Abena Abri-Form Premium Air Plus Adult Brief

Abena Abri-Form Premium Adult Brief has a clothlike material for a comfortable wear time and offers the feel of a natural garment. Also, the noiseless material maintains the confidence of the person who wears this adult diaper. The dermatologically tested brief makes it safe for most people and is fully breathable to offer a fresh feel.

Why choose Abena Air Plus Adult Brief?

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