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A healthy and fit body is your biggest treasure. Health Products For You understands the importance of good health and well-being. We are committed to delivering the best medical supplies to your doorstep. HPFY brings you medical supplies online, categorically classified to suit your health condition. Now shop by needs with HPFY and keep yourself in the pink of health at all times.

Buy Healthcare Products Online based on your needs

Health Products For You has a wide range of medical supplies for varied different medical conditions. Some of these conditions are listed below-

Alzheimer's or Dementia

Decline in the brain's ability to the extent that it starts to interfere with daily activities is termed Dementia. Memory loss, communication problems, focus issues, visual perception loss are some of the symptoms noticed in dementia patients. HPFY brings you a range of products that will help you improve your quality of life with Alzheimer's.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain, also known as myalgia, is a very common condition that can occur to anyone. This kind of pain can happen in any part of the body as muscle tissues are practically in the entire body. Stress, tension, or strenuous physical activity is among the common causes of myalgia. Some other conditions or injuries can also stress the muscles and cause pain. We deliver a wide range of hot and cold therapy systems, oral pills, massage tools, essential oils, and more to soothe your muscle pain.


Quadriplegia is a term used to indicate loss of function in all four limbs. It is also sometimes referred to as tetraplegia. The reasons behind most cases of quadriplegia are spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, or a stroke. In spinal cord injuries, the amount of damage depends upon the part of the injured spinal cord and the level of injury. To manage quadriplegia, we facilitate our customers with transport chairs, alternating air pressure mattresses, wheelchairs, incontinence briefs, underpads, and catheters to name a few. Now live an active lifestyle despite all your health problems by shopping with us.


Asthma is a chronic ailment caused due to inflammation of the airways in the lungs. These airways or bronchial tubes are responsible for the passage of air in and out of the lungs. The inflammation of these muscles may worsen due to some triggers causing coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or tightness in the chest. To help you cope with Asthma and other respiratory illnesses, we offer a variety of respiratory aids at the most affordable prices.

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that can affect any part of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus. It causes inflammation of the affected area, leading to abdominal pain, fatigue, severe diarrhea, malnutrition, and weight loss. The range of severity often varies from mild to debilitating. Since there is no known cure for this disease, therapies can help reduce its symptoms and even bring about long-term relief. With proper treatment and care, people with Crohn's disease can live a normal life. Health Products For You provides a variety of products to keep your nutritional needs covered.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder. It is caused by a non-progressive brain injury or brain malformation that occurs while the baby's brain is still under development. The effect of cerebral palsy can be seen in body movements and muscle coordination. However, in such a condition, the impact and impairment vary from person to person. HPFY brings you a large variety of reaching aids, mobility aids, and many other rehabilitation products for an effective cerebral palsy treatment. All of it on your fingertips.

Hip Replacement and Injury

Hip replacement surgery usually occurs when a condition of the hip or an injury in the hip is beyond the treatment options of therapy and medication. Once a person undergoes hip replacement surgery, there are several changes they might encounter in their physical abilities. If not managed well, hip surgery can interfere with your daily living up to a great extent. HPFY has a catalog specifically designed to meet all your needs after a hip surgery. One of the top-selling products is our Premium 5-Piece Hip and Knee Replacement Kit manufactured by HPFY itself.

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities inhibit a child's ability to learn a specific task or action rather than inhibiting their intelligence. On the other hand, children with learning disabilities are smarter than other children. Here at the HPFY store, we have many different products that help your child learn different things and bridge the gap between their intelligence and ability. These products include learning toys, gross motor products, and products for tactile stimulation, to name a few.


Migraine headaches are caused due to certain changes inside the brain that result in severe pain, accompanied by light and sound sensitivity. Particular odors can also trigger migraine headaches. Migraines are possibly due to changes in the level of neurotransmitters inside the brain. It is difficult to put the finger on one exact cause for migraine, however, some potential causes of migraine can be hormonal imbalances, oral contraceptives, certain foods, insomnia or stress, etc. HPFY brings you a range of products for managing migraines from top vendors like Core Products, BMMI / Medical Magnetics.Inc, Amrita Aromatherapy, Bodysport, and many more.


Malnutrition is a term used to indicate a deficiency of certain nutrients in the body. It can result from a poor diet or lack of food. It may also result if intake of nutrients is very high, very low, or poorly balanced. People who eat excess food but of the same type not supplying all nutrition required can also have malnutrition. Health Products For You understands the importance of good nutrition. Hence we offer a large catalog designed specifically to meet all your nutritional needs. We have pediatric nutrition products, natural and organic food products, medical nutrition products, and sports nutrition products all in one place.


Obesity means that a person has a high percentage of body weight. Weight may also come from muscle, bone, or body water. But both indicate that the bodyweight is more than what should be a healthy weight according to the height. Obesity starts when a person consumes more calories than he/she can burn. The factors affecting weight include overeating, eating calorically dense foods, genetic make-up, and low physical activity. Obesity may cause many health risks like diabetes, stroke, arthritis, heart disease, and some types of cancers. Therefore to deal with it, we provide our customers with products required for proper rehab and exercise. You can explore our collection today and get the best deals.

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers are also commonly known as bedsores or decubitus ulcers. They result from prolonged pressure on the skin, causing injuries to the skin and underlying tissues. Pressure sores mostly develop in bony areas like the ankles, heels, tailbone, and hips. Moreover, bedridden individuals are more prone to pressure ulcers due to their inability to move. Bedsores develop if proper care is not taken to prevent them. Pressure sores can be categorized according to their depth and severity and the amount of damage caused, ranging from redness and unbroken skin to deep tissue injuries sometimes reaching up to the bones. However, pressure ulcers are curable and easily avoidable too. All you need is a little diligence and the right kind of products to keep yourself away from bedsores. These include correct mattresses, cervical pillows and wedges, wound dressings, etc.

The list goes on and on. We have everything you need to stay the best in your health at the lowest prices. The leading names of the industry manufacture our most selling products. One such provider is Patterson Medical. Patterson Medical is a world-class provider of rehabilitation, assistive and splinting products across the world. You can choose among a wide variety of quality products like wound care, Bath & Toileting, CPM, Dining, Exercise Equipment, Modalities, Orthopedics, Pediatrics wheelchairs, Rehab Supplies, Evaluation, Splinting, Treatment Furniture, Aids to Daily Living and many more here.

Where to Buy Medical Supplies Online for all needs?

Make Health Products For You your one-stop-shop and get the best quality medical products to live a better and healthy lifestyle. Now you do not need to ignore any health problems, even the smallest ones. We got you covered. Shop By Needs from HPFY and Earn Reward $ on every purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

Wheelchairs are designed for people with walking difficulties due to illness, injury, or disability.

An attendant propels the wheelchair using handles, which is the reason why the back wheels are rimless and often smaller. These chairs are used as transfer chairs to move patients around places like hospitals and airports.

Self-propelled wheelchairs are driven independently by the occupant while an attendant propelled chair is designed to be propelled by an attendant or caregiver. Self-propelled wheelchairs possess large wheels with a diameter of approximately 20” – 26” and rims on the outside that allows for the user to propel the chair. On the contrary attendant propelled chairs are fitted with small wheels with hand brakes for easy maneuver.

Activity chairs are designed for children to play along with their peers. The streamlined design and lightweight frame provide the child with a durable racer perfect for play. The rugged composite frame comes with sport style. Highly adjustable frame allows the chair to grow with the child.

Power wheelchairs are driven by a motor and battery. They run on a sophisticated mechanism. They can be operated with a joy stick or push buttons. Some wheelchairs can can climb up stairs, move across gravel and even raise up to give access to high shelves. Power chairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery.