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EHOB Waffle Seat Cushion

Brand: EHOB SKU: 081691948
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EHOB Waffle Cushion is designed to help prevent and manage pressure ulcers, enhance sitting comfort, and provide support for individuals who spend extended periods sitting. The cushion features a unique waffle-like design with interconnected air cells that allow for even weight distribution and pressure redistribution. Heat and moisture are easily dissipated through the air vent holes, which improves comfort.

NOTE - In case of travel, carrying the cushion as deflated is recommended as it will be easier.

Why choose Ehob Waffle Cushion?

  • Treats stage I-IV pressure ulcers and deep tissue injuries
  • Constructed of antimicrobial vinyl
  • Easy to transport and clean
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs
  • Latex-Free


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Benefits of EHOB Waffle Seat Cushion

  • Low profile design
  • Recommended seating comfort for all surfaces
  • EHOB Wheelchair Cushion is constructed of latex-free antimicrobial vinyl
  • Intended for use as a medical device to aid in the prevention and treatment of Pressure Ulcers or bed sores and general comfort
  • Flame-resistant qualities in accordance with California Technical Bulletin 129 and ASTM E1590.
  • The pump is sold separately.

How Does it Work?

  • Pressure injuries develop when pressure is put on bony areas for long periods (most commonly when people with fragile skin are kept in their chairs for a long).
  • The EHOB Cushion lifts sit bones and tailbone off the surface to minimize pressure over sensitive areas.
  • The Waffle cushion allows your body to completely sink into the product, helping increase comfort.
  • The unique venting holes provide airflow to keep you comfortable by fulfilling needs for required breathability for the skin.

Alternative uses of the EHOB Waffle Cushion

Ehob under head Under the head - Place the cushion under the patient's head for additional protection of the scalp.
Ehob under elbow Under the elbow and around the arm - To protect the ulnar nerve.
Ehob between knees Between the knees - To comfort and protect turned or sidelined patients.
Ehob for Additional Support To provide additional support for bony areas in the patient's body.


  • Prevention and management of pressure injuries
  • Patient comfort
  • Use across the continuum of care
  • Suitable for individuals with limited mobility or prolonged sitting
  • Assists in maintaining proper blood flow and reducing the risk of skin breakdown

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How to check if the Waffle Cushion is ready for use?

Inflating the cushion
If additional air is required, insert the top of the hand pump into the valve. Refer to the inflation chart on the side of the pump for the recommended number of strokes.

Checking pressure
Once the cushion appears about 60% full, check for proper inflation. If you can easily roll one side of the product past the first set of holes but not to the second, your cushion is ready to use.

Placing the Ehob Cushion
After you have checked the air pressure and it is just the amount needed, use your cushion. Place the valve side down, towards the back of the seating surface.


Maintenance Instructions

  • It should be at normal room temperature before inflating. Store at a room temperature of 55 to 85 degrees
  • Clean the cushion with soapy water or bleach/water. Do not use cleaning solvents containing alcohol or petroleum distillates. Refer to infectious disease protocol and follow the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions.
  • Do not wash or dry in the institutional laundry. Proper product inflation and skin care protocol must be maintained to maximize the skin care management provided by these products. Skin inspection, daily hand checks, and turning schedules are vital to your skincare program.
  • Use facility procedure for disposing of product and packaging materials.
  • Altitude and temperature may affect inflation.
  • Note:- Return Policy for the Cushion is 14 days.


  • Position shifts should be made every 15–30 minutes or per an individualized schedule if used in a chair.
  • Avoid direct contact between skin and product using a pillowcase, sheet, or breathable underpad.
  • Single patient use.
  • Do not smoke or use near open flame.
  • It is not sterile and is not intended to be sterilized.
  • Keep packaging materials away from children.

Ehob Waffle Seat Cushion Instruction Manual


1. What is a waffle pillow?

The EHOB WAFFLE Cushion is the leading non-powered reactive air pressure redistribution cushion. It is a clinically proven solution designed to redistribute pressure at bony prominences and achieve better patient outcomes.

2. What does EHOB stand for?

"Elevate Head Of Bed" (Ehob) is a commonly given instruction by doctors after specific surgeries. In 1985, a head and neck surgeon named Dr. James Spahn founded the company Ehob, which he named after this familiar medical term.

3. What is a waffle cushion used for?

The Waffle Seat Cushion is a static air cushion featuring a recessed valve system that allows inflation tailored to the individual patient. The Waffle Seat Cushion aims to prevent and treat stage 1-4 pressure ulcers and deep tissue injuries.

4. What does a waffle air seat cushion do?

  • The Waffle Cushion protects the user by reducing the risk of pressure injuries and helps improve comfort when sitting.
  • When properly inflated, the Seat Cushion lifts sit bones and tailbone off the surface.
  • Allows the body to sink into the product, helping increase comfort.
  • Unique venting holes provide airflow to keep the user comfortable.

Warranty of Ehob Waffle Air Seat Cushion

The Ehob Waffle Seat Cushion has a 90-day warranty


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