Bariatric Wheelchairs

Bariatric wheelchairs are used by individuals weighing over 250 pounds. These wheelchairs are also called heavy duty wheelchairs and their main function, as the name suggests, is to support higher weights. These wheelchairs are generally made up of sturdy materials like aluminum, titanium alloy etc. to provide functionality while being light in weight. Bariatric wheelchairs are designed to carry weights as high as 700 lbs. Buy manual and powered bariatric wheelchairs from top manufacturers like Graham-Field, Invacare, Karman, Convaquip and many more at best prices and attractive discounts at HPFY!

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Features of Bariatric Wheelchairs

Bariatric wheelchairs feature seat widths up to 30”. Bariatric wheelchairs are also available in foldable types and have flip away arm and foot supports for easy transfers. Bariatric wheelchairs add mobility and independence to life of those with cardiopulmonary, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, muscular dystrophy, MS, Huntington’s disease and spinal cord injuries. Some bariatric wheelchairs also feature reinforced upholstery, dual axles, carbon steel frame etc. that makes them more durable to accommodate heavy weights. Bariatric wheelchairs are designed for larger individuals. They help in maintaining dignity and autonomy of users while minimizing the pressure on their legs and the risk of falls. Bariatric wheelchairs are also used in hospitals and medical facilities to transfer patients from one room to another safely.

  • Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs: Bariatric manual wheelchairs can be either self-propelled or attendant propelled. They have a sturdy frame and have features like flip up armrests, heavy duty reinforced upholstery, wide seat, dual axles and much more. These wheelchairs are basically used in hospitals and clinics for making transfers from one part of the facility to another. 
  • Bariatric Power Wheelchairs: These are electric wheelchairs that offer a high degree of independence to the bariatric individuals. These wheelchairs may be front, mid or rear wheel drive. Each type has their own advantages. These wheelchairs get their power from a chargeable battery and are operated with the help of a remote control device. Bariatric power wheelchairs are highly stable to provide the safety and comfort required by the user.