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It is utmost necessary to keep bed of the patients clean and hygienic. Hospital bed sheets, pillows and pillow protectors are specially designed products that allow hospital staff to take care of patient hygiene. These bed sheets come in standard sizes to fit most mattresses. Bed sheets are made up of soft and comfortable fabrics that can withstand washing with hot water. We have a wide selection of bed sheets made up of different materials and for standard as well as bariatric beds. We also have fitted sheets that are easy to put on and give a wrinkle free and neat appearance. Buy products from top manufacturers like Medline, Gotcha covered, Mabis, Rose healthcare, Drive, Reliamed etc. at best prices on HPFY!

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Try the Drive Hospital Bed Fitted Sheet, Essential Medical Jersey Knit Fitted Hospital Bed Sheet, Gotcha Covered Hospital Cotton Blend Bedsheet Set and many more comfortable and durable hospital sheets. Hospital pillows come in reusable and disposable varieties. These pillows are sized adequately for one patient. Water base pillows are also available. Pillow covers come in various shapes and sizes. These covers also come in reusable and disposable forms. Try the Disposable Non-Woven Pillow Cases, Bargoose Bed Bug Solution Elite Zippererd Pillow Cover and many more. Also we have sheet protectors, pressure reduction stretcher pad, light weight blankets and many other products for your convenience.