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Disposable paper products are a convenient option for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and long term care facilities. Paper products like paper drape sheets, paper towels, paper medicine cups, souffle cup etc. are available for added patient and caregiver convenience. Paper products are not only light in weight but also they can be stored for a long period of time for use later on. Choose from a range of hospital paper products from top manufacturers like Medline, Cardinal Health, Covidien/Medtronic, Dynarex etc. at best prices and attractive discount at HPFY!

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What are The Benefits Of Disposable Paper Products?

Paper or tissue drape sheets possess absorbent properties and are made up of 2-3 ply tissue for added opacity. These sheets are used to cover patients during examination or treatment. Paper drape sheets like the Cardinal Health Paper Drape Sheet, Medline Disposable Tissue Drape Sheets etc. are disposable and convenient. Paper towels or absorbent sheets like the Safetec Zorb Sheets are made up of super absorbent polymers for absorbing any spillages in the medical facility. Soufflé cups are good for medication distribution. They are designed to maintain their shape and come with tightly rolled edges and boxed pleats. Soufflé cups like the Medline Disposable Paper Souffle Drinking Cups or the Papercraft Souffle Paper Medicine Cup are good to be used in conjugation with pill crushers.