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Patient Gowns and Apparels at HPFY

Patient apparel is designed to provide maximum comfort to the patients while offering the needed convenience to the doctors during surgeries, dressings or other medical procedures. These are long, loose pieces of clothing made to be worn by the patients who are to be operated or undergoing treatment. These gowns provide an easy to use alternative for bedridden patients. Patient apparel range includes gowns, examination shorts, robes & exam gowns, moisture wicking t-shirts and pajamas, pediatric gowns, women’s specialty patient wear and much more. . Buy high quality materials from top manufacturers like Medline, Cool-Jams, Core Products and many more at attractive prices and exclusive discounts at HPFY!

Why do patients wear Hospital Gowns?

Hospital gowns for patients help the medical staff in accessing or examing the patient's body easily. The usual clothings may cause hindrances in proper examination and surgery of the patient, hence they are asked to wear patient gowns. The washable hospital gowns are often made of materials that are comfortable and can withstand regular laundering in hot water. These gowns have straps to be tied on the back side. Some designs may also have a hook and loop closure for added convenience. Some gowns are also made up of disposable materials like paper or thin plastic. Used gowns must be disposed carefully as they can become carriers of infections. Additionally, one should always go for good quality patient gowns. You should not give too much thought to the price when it comes to buying hospital gowns for home care as these are crucial for patient safety.

Where to buy Hospital Gowns?

At Health Products For You, we have a vast catalogue for patient gowns and apparels such as coveralls, pajama tops, pants and more. Try the popular Medline Tired Tiger Pediatric Patient Gowns, Core Patient Gown with Hook and Loop Closure, Essential Medical Deluxe Patient Gown, Medline Three Arm Hole Disposable Patient Gown and many more for comfort and convenience of patients and medical professionals.