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Feeding patients with limited strength is a complex job. It is not practical to change clothing after each meal due to spillages. Clothing protectors are designed to protect the patient’s clothes from getting soiled while eating. They are also known as bibs in common language. Clothing protectors may be made up of fabric or disposable materials. Fabric clothing protectors are often lined with vinyl for extra protection. Clothing protectors come with a hook and loop closure and often close at the back of the neck. They are easy to put on and remove for added convenience. Buy clothing protectors available in various sizes and designs on HPFY!

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Clothing protectors made of fabric can be washed easily with a mild detergent and water. We also have bib holders with rust proof clips that help to keep the bib in place while feeding. Clothing protectors are available in many sizes from pediatric to adult and bariatric sizes. Try the popular CareActive Waterproof Shirt Saver Bib, CareActive Terry Waterproof Crumb Catcher Bib, Disposable Plastic Bibs With Perforated Tie Backs And Handy Pocket, Bib Holder With Two Rust-Resistant Clips and much more that makes feeding an easier job. Patients with a fair strength can self-feed relieving the caregivers of some duties. Small children can be trained to feed themselves without spilling the food with the help of these clothing protectors. Choose from a range for products from top manufacturers like Medline Industries, North Coast Medical, Drive Medical, Essential Medical and many more at best prices and attractive discounts at HPFY! Made of high quality materials, these disposable and washable apparels are available in wide variety, designs, sizes and colors like feeding apron, smoker's and activity apron, bib, coverall and more.