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Chemotherapy is a therapy that saves life of patients suffering from cancer but at the same time it can be toxic to the nurses handling these drugs. Just like your health is affected by second hand smoke medical staff handling chemotherapy drugs can be exposed to second hand chemotherapy. Accidental spills on the skin, a small spray while puncturing containers, or inhalation of fumes is all it takes. These drugs are rated high in toxicity because they target normal human cells as well along with cancer cells. HPFY offers to you a thoughtfully assembled collection of chemotherapy aids keeping in mind your safety and well-being. Take your pick today!

Risks Associated With Chemotherapy Drug Handling

A slight exposure may cause nausea or irritation on the point of contact while a prolonged exposure on a regular basis may also cause infertility in many women. Some cases also report development of cancers among nurses due to exposure to these drugs. Oncology nurses must always try and reduce exposure to chemotherapy drugs. Safe work practices and personal protective equipment must be adopted to avoid the unnecessary spillages and inhalation.

Chemotherapy Supplies

Chemotherapy supplies are designed to aid in smooth daily chemotherapy procedures. Choose from a range of sharps containers, prep mats, impervious gowns, spill kits, gloves, waste collection bags, vial venting systems, protective eye wear etc.

Benefits of Spill Kits

Specially assembled spill kits help in managing spills without touching the toxic medications. Spill kits allow you to handle daily chemotherapy procedures with ease without the worry of exposure to toxic materials.

Steps to take while dealing with Exposure to chemotherapy

  • Engage health system leadership to have a discussion with staff about personal protection for those who handle hazardous drugs.
  • Develop better personal protective equipment that is easy to use, affordable and protective against hazardous drug exposure.
  • Collect data through a registry to identify and track the health risks from exposure.

Where to buy Chemotherapy Aids online?

At HPFY we bring to you a whole range of protective equipment for healthcare workers. Try high quality products from top manufacturers like Covidien/Medtronic, Amd Ritmed Inc, Becton Dickinson and many more at attractive prices and hearty discounts on all purchases. Buy now and save big!

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