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Beach wheelchairs or all-terrain wheelchairs are designed especially for active individuals for use on the beach or on difficult and sloppy terrains. These wheelchairs for the beach are designed to enable individuals to explore areas on the beach or on sandy terrains that are otherwise not accessible with standard wheelchairs. Sports beach wheelchairs are designed especially for the amazing summer activities on the beach with family and friends. They have all the features required to cater to the conditions and terrain on the beach.

Features of Beach Wheelchairs And Walkers

Beach wheelchairs are designed to open new possibilities for wheelchair users. These wheelchairs are designed with large all terrain wheels that can easily roll over grass, gravel, sand or snow allowing wheelchair users to participate in activities that were otherwise difficult for them. Wheelchairs for the beach are equipped with heavy duty high-flotation balloon wheels with non-corrosive plastic bearings designed to be taken along on beaches and other recreational spots where your loved ones can spend some quality time with you. Some models also feature footrests with linear position telescopic length adjustment and four position angle adjustment that allows for proper and relaxed foot position. Beach wheelchairs comes with a high quality PVC frame that can withstand the salty water.

Other important features include:
  • UV protected frame
  • Water resistant so that they remain rust-free
  • Large wheels for greater grip and stability
  • Comfortable cushion so that you can sit all day long
  • Standard cozy backrest so that you can lay back and enjoy the day

Where to Buy Beach Wheelchairs and Walkers Online?

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