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If you are looking for durable easy to maintain and functionally advanced wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs offer the expected versatility and performance along with a comfortable ride to the wheelchair users. Standard manual wheelchairs can be personalized with options such as folding, built-in or removable arm rests, swing-away footrests, large self-propel wheels and small wheels in the front, push handles to allow attendant to propel the chair and many more options.

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Features of Standard Wheelchairs

  1. Standard Wheelchairs can be self-propelled or attendant propelled. Large wheels facilitate self-propulsion while attendant handle with hand breaks allow caregivers to propel the chair.

  2. Standard Wheelchairs possess a weight capacity of around 250 – 300 lbs. with seat widths ranging from 16” to 20”.

  3. These wheelchairs feature desk length armrests that can easily slide under any desk. Some models feature flip-up armrests that allow for easy transfers.

  4. Flip away footrests provide for a variety of mobility option. 

  5. Standard wheelchairs have small wheels in the front to enhance maneuverability and can easily glide over solid ramps or wheelchair ramps.

  6. Folding design allows standard wheelchairs to be stored in the trunk of a car or to take along on an airplane.

How to choose a standard wheelchair?

The selection depends upon many factors like who will operate the wheelchair, the amount of time the chair will be in use daily, lifestyle activities, immediate needs, the situation and condition of the patients. For those who need both self-propulsion and assistance simultaneously can opt for a dual axle position that allows repositioning of the large rear wheels with casters for both adult and hemi seat-to-floor heights like the Tracer EX2 Wheelchair which also features heavy-duty inner liners to prevent seat and back from stretching.

For those who require sitting on desks or tables may choose wheelchairs with adjustable desk length arm that also flip out of the way for easy transfers as with the Nova Medical Standard Manual Wheelchair. Some patients may require a heavy duty wheelchair with a sturdy frame to accommodate their weight with safety. The Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair is the ideal chair with long-lasting heavy-duty triple chrome-plated carbon steel frame.