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Bathroom and Shower Wheelchairs At HPFY

The peculiar Bathroom wheelchairs, also known as shower wheelchairs, are assistive devices designed to enable older adults and people with mobility issues to use the toilet independently. Bathrooms are high-risk zones, and these devices ensure the safety and comfort of those who are disabled. Subsequently, it reduces the risk of falls and injuries. With the advancement of technology, bathing is no more a luxury for them. These devices give people more control over their lives, and they can maintain personal hygiene without compromising on their dignity. These devices are made from water-resistant material.

At Health Products For You, we have a wide array of bathroom wheelchairs that include shower chairs, commode chairs, transport chairs, pool access chairs, bariatric shower chairs, self-propelled wheelchairs, etc.,manufactured by top brands such as the Drive Medicals and their alikes, which provide greater independence and stability in the shower and toilet. Sturdy and non-corrosive, these bathroom wheelchairs offer efficient and convenient bowel care without the need for total assistance.

Advantages of Bathroom Wheelchairs

  • It offers safety to the user, prevents falls and injuries on the wet bathroom floors.
  • Additionally, the stable, adjustable chair provides maximum support to the user.
  • People with mobility issues, either temporary or permanent, can take their bath in private without relying on a caregiver. They are able to take care of their personal needs without any embarrassment or humiliation. These chairs preserve their dignity and raises their confidence to perform the daily activities independently.
  • These mobility devices come in different sizes and styles to cater to the unique needs of the user and the caregiver.
  • Foldable and portable shower chairs are available for travel purposes. They can easily pass through the doorways of the hotel room.
  • Bath wheelchairs have a sturdy, safe surface upon which the user can rest while bathing.

Types of Shower Wheelchairs

Commode wheelchairs

It is a portable toilet supported by four legs, armrests, and handgrips to help the disabled use the bathroom independently. The wheelchair has a seat cut-out and adjustable pan for use as a toilet. It is manufactured with a lightweight aluminum frame, comes with a cushioned backrest and padded armrest. Interestingly, the Nova Medical Drop Arm Transport Chair provides transport, transfer, and commode functions all in one unit.

Shower-commode chair

It is a multipurpose chair that is designed for both lavatory and shower use. Shower wheelchairs possess adjustable leg rests and backrests for comfortable accommodation of users' height and to support their backs. They are designed with rubber tips to prevent the chair from slipping on the wet surface. The Duralife Deluxe Self Propelled Shower And Commode Chair is a multipurpose chair.

Shower transport chair

It allows comfortable and safe transportation to and from the bathroom. The Graham-Field Lumex Shower Transport Chair is made from anodized, non-corrosive aluminum material. Moreover, it withstands the water and steam from the shower.

5 Things to keep in mind while buying Bathroom Wheelchair

  1. Adjustable Height: Check for an adjustable height feature to reach the shower knobs without stretching.
  2. Armrest & Backrest: The wheelchair should be equipped with armrests that swing out of the way for easy transfers. The chair should provide full cushioned support to avoid skin pressure. Additionally, it should have an adjustable backrest that provides varying degrees of support.
  3. Size: The wheelchair should be able to pass through the doorway of your bathroom. Consider a foldable and portable wheelchair if you are using it for travel purposes. It will be easily fit into the trunk of the car.
  4. Material: Materials used must be rustproof as they are used in the shower.
  5. Capacity: Choose the chair which will cater to your needs. The wheelchair should support the bodyweight of the user. There are separate wheelchairs available for bariatric patients. Some wheelchairs such as the Healthline Medical Bariatric Shower Wheelchair that comes with a Sling Seat can hold up to 400 lb capacity.

Where to Buy Bathroom Wheelchairs Online?

At HPFY, we carry the best bathroom chairs from the top manufacturers like MJM International Corp, Healthline Medical, and many more. Gift a bathroom chair to your loved ones today. They will get back their lost confidence and independence and can live with dignity.

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