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IV infusion is a procedure that requires medications to be inserted directly into the vein. This is done with the help of a needle or a tube called an IV catheter. IV Catheters are thin tubes inserted into your veins to allow your medical professional to give you safe and controlled doses of medications without poking you each time with a needle. At HPFY we have an array of supplies that aid in IV infusion therapy. These products help in making IV therapy more convenient and less painful for the patient as well. Check them out today!

Need for IV Infusion

In emergency situations people might require quick medication for ex. In cases of stroke, heart attack, poisoning etc. In such cases taking medications orally may not work as it takes time for oral medications to get into the bloodstream. IV line sends the medication directly into your bloodstream. Also sometimes medications need to be given continuously at a controlled rate. IV infusion helps with the same. An IV catheter is places for a short period of time for around 3-4 days while your stay at the hospital. Generally post-surgical medications are given by IV infusion. These medications may include pain medications, nausea medications or antibiotics. In this procedure a needle is usually inserted into your vein. An IV catheter is then pushed over the needle. After the catheter is secured in place the needle is pulled out and the catheter remains into your vein. IV catheters are usually used in a clinic or hospital facility in surveillance of trained professionals.  

There are two methods of IV infusion i.e. using a pump or gravity. Pump infusion is the most commonly used method to end sterile saline into your bloodstream in a continuous and steady manner. Pumps control the dosage of medication delivered. Drip infusion uses gravity to deliver medication in a constant manner over a period of time. At HPFY we have a range of IV infusion supplies that help you in carrying out procedures safely and securely. We have IV stands, IV start kits, dressing kits, personal protective equipment, vascular access devices, waste containers, IV sponges, chemotherapy accessories, IV administration equipment and many more from top manufacturers like Medline, B. Braun , Lindi Skin, Becton Dickinson and many more at best prices. Buy now to avail attractive discounts!