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Barrier lab coats are one of the most protective lab coats and are designed to be worn in high and critical risk situations in medical facilities. Many a time, the user needs extra protection on the arms that prevents the entry of contaminants and infectious material to enter through the open sleeve. Barrier lab coats have knitted or elastic cuffs that create a sealed cover around the wrists and prevents any contamination. Barrier lab coats are also designed to prevent exposure to contaminants and pathogens, as well as potentially infectious materials.

Features of Barrier Lab Coats

  • Made of thicker and stronger material to provide protection from liquids and solids
  • Comes in different colors to prevent staining from liquids and solids
  • Prevents exposure to blood-borne pathogens that cling on to garments
  • Protects the patients and the medical staff from cross contamination

Where to Buy Barrier Lab Coats Online?

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