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Protective Apparels Type
Smock lab coats or knee length lab coats are based on the designs of smocks which are outer garments that are worn to protect a person as well their clothes. They cover the entire upper body and are mostly shaped like long shirts that are given the thickness of coats. Their length can vary from waist long and can be even knee length. Available in multiple fabric options such as linen, cotton, or synthetic material, smock/knee length lab coats can be used for general protection or can be used in medium risk situations as well. They come in different cuff options such as open cuff, elastic cuff, or knitted cuff.

Features of Smock/Knee Length Lab Coats

  • Easy to wear shirt like design that enables the user to easily remove and dispose the lab coat
  • Available in multiple colors, patterns, and fabric options for a greater wearing range
  • Comes in multiple cuff options for added protection whenever you need it
  • Comes in multiple length options depending on the usage of the coat in the medical facility
  • You can also option for multi layer options for added security

Where to Buy Smock/Knee Length Lab Coats Online?

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