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One of the most commonly used lab coats, full length lab coats are designed to cover most of the body in one piece. They are designed to cover the entire arms as well as the length of the body till the knee. Long lab coats or full length lab coats are usually recommended for people who spend most of their time walking around the medical facility or rarely sit during their work. They are not good for daily sitting since they might be inconvenient to fold or turn while sitting. Their length is typically between 40 to 44 inches for men and 34 to 38 inches for women. Available in the white color, these coats are also very professional looking and great for identification purposes.

Features of Full Length Lab Coats

  • Provides a traditional and more formal appearance than other standard lab coats
  • Designed for people who spend most of their time upright, standing or walking
  • Made of durable and sturdy material to provide basic protection from liquids and solids
  • Easy to wear and fasten as they are usually designed for general wear
  • They come in added pocketed versions to add utility to the lab coat

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