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Consultation lab coats are designed to be used in low risk situations as they provide minimal protection. Though they do act as a barrier against liquids and solids that might be infectious, they do not have special features as compared to other protective lab coats. Since consultation is the main aim, these lab coats are designed to have extra pockets that increase the utility of the coat and are designed to be more stylish and professional looking than the others. Consultation lab coats are generally worn by medical staffs who take care of basic examination of patients or who do administrative work in medical facilities.

Features of Consultation Lab Coats

  • Basic protection from infectious liquids and solids that might affect the skin or clothes
  • Protects the user from accidental spills or involuntary contact that might be contagious
  • Designed to be fashionable and stylish so that the user looks highly presentable
  • Made of quality material that keeps the shine on for a professional look always
  • Comes in different patterns and shapes that are both elegant and utilitarian

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