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What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a type of overuse injury that occurs when tendons in the elbow joint become overworked. This condition is also known as lateral epicondylitis and is usually caused due to repetitive motions of the wrist and arm. Anyone with a job that demands repetitive hand motions can be affected by tennis elbow. Tennis elbow can cause pain in the elbow extending up to the wrist. This pain is situated basically where the tendons of the forearm muscles meet the bony bump of your elbow.

Tennis Elbow

What are the causes of Tennis Elbow?

  • Racket sports are one of the major causes of tennis elbow, and hence the name. Since these sports require a person to continuously exert force and strain on the elbow, tennis elbow is common among their players.
  • Throwing sports such as shot put, hammer throw, javelin throw, or discus throwing.
  • Physical work such as brick laying, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

What are the symptoms of Lateral Epicondylitis?

Though pain is one of the main symptoms of tennis elbow, one has to know which regions are first affected by this pain.
  • Outside of upper forearm
  • Just below the elbow
  • Pain while lifting or bending arm
  • Pain while gripping or writing
  • Pain while twisting forearm
  • Stiffness in the muscles of the arm

Precautions One Should Take

  • The first step to control the pain of tennis elbow or begin treating it is to stop the activity that has been the cause of the condition.
  • Wear elbow supports while playing a racket sport, or executing a repetitive action that engages the elbow to prevent continuous stress
  • Use appropriate gear or tools while working to avoid complications with the elbow

How to treat Tennis Elbow?

Treatment methods for tennis elbow include orthopedic supports and pain relief options. While one protects, supports, and treats the elbow, the latter allows for reduced discomfort and pain.
  • Orthopedic Supports Elbow supports are one of the foremost treatment and prevention options to manage tennis elbow. These supports are designed to create a supportive structure for the elbow joint that allows for mild compression, as well as a stress base to absorb the force exerted on the elbow. Other orthopedic treatment options include elbow splints, elbow protectors, elbow braces, and elbow pads.
  • Pain Relief – Pain relief usually involves using topical ointments such as lotions and creams to treat the pain in the muscles and the joint. One can also use therapies such as hot and cold therapy, electrotherapy, massage therapy, or exercise therapy to strengthen the muscles, relieve pain, and reduce any inflammation.

How can tennis elbow be prevented?

Tennis Elbow can be prevented in many ways, few are:
  • Using right equipment and proper technique while doing any task or for sport.
  • By performing simple wrist flexion and extension exercises of forearm.
  • Icing elbow after doing any intense physical activity
  • Take breaks and rest your elbow between matches or tasks

Where to Buy Tennis Elbow Supports and Pain Relief Products Online?

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