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Best Hand Exercisers At HPFY

Hand exercisers are used as a part of the rehabilitation program. Hand exercisers help restore the strength and mobility lost after an injury or any other health condition. Physical therapists and occupational therapists recommend the set of exercises that aim to increase grip strength, improve flexion and extension of the wrist and improve the range of motion. Hand exercisers can be used for that purpose. At Health Products For You, we have an array of hand exercisers to re-establish the lost hand strength and restore as much hand function as possible to carry out daily activities and improve independence with a quality of life. These hand grip strengtheners are brought to you by top manufacturers like the Fabrication Enterprises, and CanDo

Hand exercisers help to regain mobility and agility of the hands in the following conditions:

Benefits of Hand Exercise Equipment Physical Therapy

  • Regularly practicing makes your hand grip stronger.
  • Increases resistance and endurance to muscle pains.
  • Strengthens your wrists and forearm muscles.
  • Relieves Stress and aids in anger management.

Hand Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hand exercisers help the tendons to extend to their maximum potential. It reduces the swelling around the median nerve. Hand exercisers include hand grips that consist of a lever that is squeezed to increase hand strength. Hand grips also help in improving dexterity. Some hand therapy exercisers have hand exercise balls, bands, palm cones, pinch exercisers, wrist exercisers, foam blocks, thumb exercisers. The Aeromat Texture Ring Hand Exerciser and TheraBand Hand Exercisers can be used by people with carpal tunnel syndrome to maintain proper blood circulation in the wrist and reduce symptoms like numbness and tingling in hand.

How does a Squeeze Hand Exercise Ball Help?

The Squeeze Ball Hand Exerciser is designed to help strengthen the wrist and hand and improve finger dexterity. It also helps in relieving joint pain, stress, and anxiety. It helps to develop isolated finger strength, flexibility, and coordination. This hand exerciser is ideal for rehabilitating carpal tunnel, arthritis, stroke, fractures, tendon injury, nerve lacerations, tennis elbow, and more. The intensity of exercise, level of resistance, and the number of repetitions should be approved by a healthcare professional. These balls are made from a highly flexible and elastic material to withstand continuous usage. One of our best products, The Power Hand Grip, helps in improving handgrip strength.

To do this exercise, pinch the ball with the fingers and thumb extended. This will help to strengthen the muscles. To intensify this hand therapy ball exercise, squeeze the ball for a longer time. The ball allows a full range of motion with constant resistance during grip and flexion hand exercises. The ball causes muscle tension resulting in muscle relaxation after release. The ball is ideal for a variety of pinching and gripping activities. The CanDo Memory Foam Squeeze Hand Ball Exerciser and the CanDo Gel Standard Squeeze Hand Exercise Ball are good examples in this category. Similarly, the CanDo Digi-Extend N Squeeze Hand Exercisers is also a type of squeeze handball exerciser.

What are the Different Types of Hand Exercisers?

Apart from a squeeze handball, different kinds of hand exercisers strengthen the hand muscles as a part of rehabilitation. Following are some of the hand exercisers available with us:

  1. Slo-Foam Hand Exerciser- It is ideal for finger flexing exercises in contrast baths. It is made of open-cell Slo-Foam with slow recovery and 100% memory. Moreover, it is useful for low-resistance squeezing exercises.
  2. CanDo Latex-Free Hand Therapy Exercise Small Web- This web hand exerciser strengthens and conditions the fingers, wrist, and forearm muscles and joints. They are available in different sizes. Interestingly, the resistance may be modified by adjusting the hand position, depth of finger insertion or by moving to a different resistance (color) web.
  3. Xtensor Finger Extension Exerciser- It reduces stiffness in the fingers and improves circulation in hand. The Continuous tension applied to opening the hands using an optimal line of motion replicating the exact opposite movement to closing the hands.
  4. Rolyan Ergonomic Hand Exerciser-It is an ideal rehabilitation tool for patients recovering from moderate to severe injury or surgery. The lightweight plastic frame with or without a padded handle that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. It is offered in a single size that is designed to fit many hand sizes.
  5. CanDo Twist-N-Bend Flexible Exercise Bar- It helps in promoting coordination and increases range of motion. It is largely used for soft tissue and joint mobilization. The Consistent bar diameter and length throughout resistances means user use the same muscles with each resistance.

Where to buy Best Hand Exercisers?

Health Products For You offers a huge range of high-quality and reliable products designed to safely and easily increase the range of motion. These exercises are used for overall hand, finger, and forearm strengthening. These hand exercisers are from top manufacturers such as Patterson Medical/Performance Health, North Coast Medical, Skil Care Corp, Power Web, and many more.

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