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What is a cervical pillow used for?

Neck Support Pillow supports the head and neck of the person and keeps it in a neutral position to help relieve neck pain. Orthopedic Pillows help maintain a good posture and minimize pressure on the neck. A night of good sleep is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. But everyone is not so lucky. Sleep gets disturbed when the neck hurts. To provide a sound sleep, HPFY brings you a wide range of cervical support pillows to suit your needs and help alleviate neck pain and stiffness. We have a wide range of best pillows for neck pain from top-selling manufacturers like Core Products and Geneva Healthcare to name a few.

Types of neck pillow

1. Neck Roll Pillow

A neck roll pillow, also known as a cervical roll, gives optimum support to the neck and fills the area between the head and shoulder. It helps maintain the cervical spine's natural curve while sleeping. Pillow for gentle neck support like Core Jackson Roll Pillow can be kept behind the back as a back pillow for lumbar support or under the knees for additional comfort while resting.

2. Cervical Support Pillow

A Cervical Support Pillow is designed to provide comfortable support for the aching neck and shoulders. It assures a comfortable position for the neck. Neck Support Pillow, like Wal-Pil-O Cervical Pillow, cradles the head and neck providing proper support and promoting healthy alignment whether you sleep on your back or side.

Benefits of Neck Support Pillow

When to use a Cervical Pillow?

The orthopedic neck pillow is used to relieve and manage -

Best Neck Pillows for Different Sleep Positions

Your sleeping position is a key factor in selecting the right kind of pillow. Each sleeping position needs a different pillow to promote correct alignment while sleeping. Whatever position you like to sleep in, but make sure to choose a pillow that helps maintain your cervical spine's natural shape. However, sleeping on the back or side is recommended for those with neck pain. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.

1. Back Sleepers

It is the best position for people with neck pain. Choose a pillow for back sleepers that supports the neck's natural curvature and a flatter pillow to support the head. The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow, ObusForme Memory Foam Cervical Pillow, and the Tri Core Cervical Pillow, and many other pillows are available at HPFY to choose from. They provide firm support to the neck.

2. Side Sleepers

People habitual of sleeping on their side may want to use a thick pillow that can provide right neck support, and your neck aligns with the head. The Core Memory Foam Cervical Pillow for side sleepers is designed to relieve any strain on your neck and keep your spine straight.

3. Stomach Sleepers

This position is worst for neck pain. In this position, the neck gets twisted and excessive pressure is put on the nerves. It is better to adapt to a back sleeping or side sleeping position. If you must sleep on your stomach, use a thin pillow to prevent unnecessary extension of the neck.

Horseshoe-shaped pillows are designed for sleep on the go. The SmartSilk Lined Neck Pillow and the Core Memory Neck Pillow are great for traveling. The pad gives much-needed support to the neck on a plane, car, or any means of transport and makes the trip comfortable and peaceful.

Buying Guide for pillow for neck pain

Back sleepers should go for a thinner than a standard pillow with some extra neck support.

Side sleepers might want to try a higher and larger pillow with neck support. Similarly, stomach sleeping should prefer a thin pillow under the stomach to avoid any unnecessary extension of the neck. Stomach Sleeping is not considered good for neck pain.

Where to Buy Orthopedic Pillow online?

If you seek products to provide the anatomically correct support to the neck and head, you are in the right place. We at HPFY have a huge variety of cervical support pillows for the neck to help provide relief from stress and keep the head, neck, and spine in proper alignment. There is a wide range of cushions available for adults and children from the manufacturers such as Hermell Products, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, etc. Choose the right pillow for yourself and slip into sleep to wake up fresh, free of Pain.

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