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Snoring occurs due to vibration in muscles on the back of the throat while we sleep. The time we are sleeping the back of the throat narrows down as the muscles relax which sometimes also results in closing the airway. When air passes through narrow airways these soft muscles vibrate causing snoring sounds. Snoring during sleep may be a part of a larger problem i.e. obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Such a disease can result in sleep deprivation. Try anti-snoring products from quality manufacturers including Core Products, Hudson Medical, Respironics, Bilt-Rite and many more at attractive prices and hearty discounts on HPFY!

Common Causes of Snoring

  • Weak throat that causes it to close while sleeping  
  • Jaw being mispositioned due to muscle tension 
  • Fatty throat in people with obesity 
  • Nasal passage obstruction 
  • Obstructive sleep apnea 
  • Sleep deprivation  
  • Alcohol consumption or taking other drugs that relax throat muscles  
  • Sleeping on your back that may cause tongue relaxation

Treatment Options for Snoring Include

  • Behavioral Changes: some lifestyle changes can help in reducing this problem. These changes include weight loss, change in medications, avoiding alcohol, smoking and changing sleep position. Adopting specially designed pillow and bed wedges can also help. 
  • Chin Straps and Face Masks: These are ergonomically shaped gears that help in keeping the mouth closed while breathing so that you can breathe in clean, warm and humidified air through your nose. Breathing through the mouth can increase the vibrating sound and the air that is breathed in is dirty, dry and cold. 
  • Nasal CPAP: These are special devices that supply pressurized air continuously. This air is sent to the airway through the nose via tubing and nasal/face mask. CPAP devices help people with sleep apnea to relax and sleep through the night.