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Bodyweight is one of the important vital signs, and it is necessary to keep track of your body weight. Weight measurements can give important data to the health care provider to determine a patient's health status. Sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss can indicate several pathological conditions like thyroid dysfunction, obesity, malnutrition. So, every time you go to the doctor, they check your body weight. Height and weight measurements are required to compute Body mass index (BMI), indicating healthy versus unhealthy weight.

For a normal person, it is simple and easy to measure weight. You have to stand on a weighing scale, and voila, the body weight is indicated instantly on the screen. However, it is not that easy for non-ambulatory patients who use a wheelchair. Often people who use wheelchairs find it stressful to maintain track of their weight since they need to wait till their hospital visit to get weighed.

It is not feasible weighing a patient in a wheelchair using a traditional weighing scale. Therefore, bedridden patients are weighed by using a specially designed scale - a wheelchair scale. A wheelchair scale is a reliable and effective method of weighing a patient, and it is large enough to accommodate the patient on a wheelchair.

The whole process of weighing can be done with the patient remains in the wheelchair. For accurate weight, you need to know the weight of the wheelchair. The scale shows the patient's weight on the wheelchair or, using Tare, the patient's weight only. The patient in a wheelchair is rolled onto the platform, and a reading is taken instantly. The scale is suitable for all types of wheelchairs, standard or wide, manual or power wheelchairs.

Features of Wheelchair Scales

  • These scales are specially designed to weigh the patients in a wheelchair. 
  • They are equipped with two heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility. 
  • They have sturdy steel handrails for patient safety. 
  • The scales come with a digital display with advanced features such as BMI and wi-fi. 
  • The digital weight indicator can be mounted on the scale, desk, or remotely on a wall for convenient viewing. 
  • They are sturdy but lightweight. 
  • They are easy to store and foldable when not in use. 
  • There is a built-in ramp for easy patient entry and exit

Where can I buy wheelchair scales online?

We at HPFY offer a huge range of reliable and robust weighing scales suitable for almost any size of wheelchair. We carry stationary platform scale, folding platform scales, and rolling platform scales on wheels from well-known manufacturers like Detecto, Seca, Graham-Field Health Products, and many more. Our wheelchair scales are a simple and affordable solution to keep track of the weight of your loved ones. Buy today to avail of attractive discounts.

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