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Medical Scales are used to provide accurate height and weight measurements. They are portable, reliable and come in a wide variety to meet specific user requirements. There are baby scales for weighing infants, chair scales for weighing people who confined to chair, in-bed scales for measuring people restricted to bed and wheelchair scales to weigh people confined to wheelchairs. Health Products For You provides a wide range of height and weight scales from popular manufacturers like Seca, Detecto, Fabrication Enterprises, Graham Field Health Products, etc.

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Types of Medical Scales

  • Baby Scales: Baby scales are used for everyday diagnosis of infants and toddlers. They provide accurate and reliable weight measurements of babies without causing any discomfort to them. 

  • Chair Scales: Chair scales are designed for people with limited mobility who have difficulty in standing on a normal scale. These medical scales are portable and simplify the procedure of checking weights. 

  • Column Scales: Column scales are digital medical scales used by people to get reliable results. Their display is mounted on a high rod, so that it gets easier for the user to read his/her weight. 

  • Flat Scales: Flat scales are used to measure body mass index (BMI), which is an indicator of healthy body. They can be used at home, gym or clinics. 

  • Hanging/Patient Lift Scales: Hanging scales help in measuring the weight of patients suspended from a patient lift. They are easy to set up and intuitive to operate. 

  • In-Bed Scales: In-bed scales are perfect for checking the weight of people who are confined to bed or cannot move much. These medical scales provide fast and accurate weight check without bothering the patients in bed. 

  • Wheelchair Scales: Wheelchair scales are ideal for users who are restricted to wheelchairs and have difficulty in standing up. They are portable and easy to use. 

  • Measuring Instrument: Measuring instruments include products like stadiometer, measuring tape, measuring rod, multi-functional scale, diet and kitchen scale, etc. to make the lives of users easy and comfortable.