Tumble Forms 2 Wedges
Tumble Forms 2 Wedges

Tumble Forms 2 Wedges

Brand/Manufacturer: PATTERSON MEDICAL
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  • Latex Free

Tumble Forms 2 Wedges are ideal for gross motor activities such as tumbling, rolling and walking up or downhill. These versatile wedges also provide comfortable positioning for reading or fine motor activities. Tumble Forms 2 Wedges can be used as an alternative to sitting when a child lacks head control, sitting balance and the ability to adjust the trunk from poor posture. They are latex free.

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Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
2795A 20"W x 22"L, Elevation 4", Incline Angle 8 Degree Each $1.70
2795B 20"W x 22"L, Elevation 6", Incline Angle 12.5 Degree Each $1.48
2795C 20"W x 22"L, Elevation 8", Incline Angle 20 Degree Each $1.80
2795J 20"W x 22"L, Elevation 10", Incline Angle 22.5 Degree Each $2.80
2795D 24"W x 28"L, Elevation 6", Incline Angle 10 Degree Each $2.70
2795E 24"W x 28"L, Elevation 8", Incline Angle 12.5 Degree Each $2.24
2795F 24"W x 28"L, Elevation 10", Incline Angle 20 Degree Each $2.70
2795L 24"W x 28"L, Elevation 12", Incline Angle 22.5 Degree Each $3.50

Applied Uses Of Tumble Forms 2 Wedges

Provide weight bearing on upper extremities:

Position the child in prone position on appropriate size wedge to accomplish:
  • Favored weight bearing on shoulders
  • Favored weight bearing on elbows
  • Favored weight bearing on extended forearms.

Facilitate head raising and controlled movement:

Position a child in prone symmetrically with upper extremities extended over the upper edge allowing his head to be unsupported. If the wedge is too low, the child will be weight bearing excessively on the forearms, preventing reaching or grasping. The child may, for other reasons, need a wedge that is too high for reaching and grasping, leaving the play area too low. Since this condition will increase flexor spasticity, simply raise the play area on a board, stool or block. Reaching and grasping activities will help increase range of motion.

Promote extension of hips and knees with abductor:

Place a child in prone position symmetrically so that weight bearing is felt on his trunk, helping the hips to extend and bear weight. In turn, the knees will be freed to extend and bear weight. The abductor is best positioned between the knees at the knee joint.

Facilitate rolling skills:

The child is placed crosswise on two or three appropriately sized wedges used to assist the child in trunk rotation.


  • Wedges can be creatively used in many situations. Here the wedges raise a side lyer for an angled side lying position.
  • When a child lies supine on a wedge, sit-ups are much easier. This supine position is helpful to relax the upper extremities, head and trunk, as well as the lower extremities, unless range of motion is indicated. Never leave the child unattended in this position with respiratory congestion.

Sizing Help

Selection of a particular wedge will depend to a great extent on the size of the child who is going to use it. In general the ideal size wedge for a child will be one whose surface is long enough to accommodate the body of child (in the prone position) from sternum (breast bone) to at least the knees.

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