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What is a Sensory Swing?

Sensory swing is a powerful therapy tool to support and encourage the development of children that have sensory needs, ADHD, SPD, or autism. The vestibular system supports balance, coordination, visual skills, and body awareness from birth through adulthood. But some children cannot process the sensory information properly and need therapeutic support to help them get familiar with the vestibular sense. When kids get on a swing, their vestibular system receives plenty of sensory input. Sensory swings improve sensory processing and help children calm down or get the sensations they are craving. When the swings are used in specific directions and rotations, it can decrease many sensory-related behaviors like body awareness, poor attention, motor planning.

Health Products For You brings you a wide array of safe and durable sensory swings, bouncing chairs, and rockers that can help kids feel safe in it, and it soothes their overstimulated senses. We also carry replacement accessories. Haleys Joy Sensory Wrap For On The Go Swing System helps children with sensory processing issues by providing a magical combination of vestibular and proprioceptive therapy at once. You can also try the  Economy Log Swings, or the FlagHouse Circus Swing with 500 Balls for proper vestibular development of the child. Choose from a range of sensory swings and get attractive discounts.

Who Benefits from Therapy Swing?

Sensory swings provide vestibular therapy to children with special needs that may include:

Ten Benefits of Vestibular Swing

  • It provides sensory input to the vestibular systems that inform balance, coordination, body awareness, and muscle tone. 
  • It helps calm the kids who are prone to meltdown and anxiety. 
  • It promotes spatial awareness
  • It helps in the development of motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills in children. 
  • It encourages hand-eye coordination and physical activity. 
  • It promotes good balance and posture
  • It helps engage core muscles, thus improving overall strength. 
  • It improves a child's overall mood and wellbeing. 
  • It provides a therapeutic environment to expel some pent-up energy that can help the child better focus and pay attention in the classroom. 
  • It provides a combination of proprioceptive and tactile sensory input.

Types of Sensory Swings Available at HPFY

  • Hammock swing 
  • Platform swing 
  • Log Swing
  • Net swing 
  • Pod swing 
  • Bubble swing 
  • Disc swing

Buying Guide for Sensory Therapy Swing

1. Movement

The most important factor to consider is the motion of the swing. Different swings provide different movement patterns such as vertical, linear, rotary that target specific vestibular receptors. Linear movement is normally calming, whereas circular movement is more stimulating. Also, some children have difficulty with motion sickness, and they might be comfortable in a linear swing rather than a rotary swing. Pick a swing according to the child's sensory requirement.

2. Location

Some swings are suitable for outdoors, while some are indoors. Choose the swing accordingly.

3. Touch pressure

Some swings offer both vestibular and proprioceptive therapy. Go for that kind of swing if the child needs help to support the proprioceptive system. The extra-deep touch pressure provided by the swing can increase spatial and body awareness.

5. Installation

Consider how the swing will mount. There are standalone and ceiling-mounted swings available. The best pick would depend on whether you own the space or living in a rented space, how moveable or portable you want the swing to be, and how much space is available to place the swing.

Vestibular Therapy Swings Safety Tips

  • Adult supervision is always required. 
  • Ensure that the swing can support the user's weight. 
  • Kids who are seizure-prone may need extra care and precautions. 
  • Never force the child to get into the swing. It will do more harm than any good. 
  • Use a lot of caution while spinning the child in a swing because it is a strong sensory input, and some children may throw up.

Where to Buy a Sensory Swing for Autism Online?

HPFY carries a huge collection of vestibular swings in varied shapes and sizes that are useful for improving sensory processing in children with special needs. These swings are from top manufacturers like Haleys Joy, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, and many more.

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