Vestibulation therapy includes swings for the therapeutic benefits that they provide to children with special needs. Along with providing a great fun time vestibular swings benefit children with special needs in many ways. Play time with peers is very crucial for the development of a child. With these swings children with developmental delays and other disabilities can participate in play activities along with their peers providing them with positive feelings like a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

By playing along with their mates children develop in many ways by being creative, socially and physically active and intellectually advanced. Healthy exercise habits also helps keep them fit and active. Swinging helps in development of cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills in children. A child’s reasoning, problem solving, discovery and dexterity skills also develop when they engage in playful activities like swinging. They get strength, balance and many other developmental skills with this activity.

Swinging is especially helpful for vestibular development also providing proprioception development. Balance is maintained with the help of sensory information that the body receives from a combined input from of vision, proprioception and the vestibular system. With vestibular swings a good balance and posture can be achieved. Try the Economy Log Swing, FlagHouse Beano Swing or the FlagHouse Door Support Set for a proper vestibular development of your child. Choose from a range of vestibular swings and get attractive discounts.

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