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Gross Motor Skills For Toddlers

Play is considered beneficial for kids in developing at a good pace. The more the child plays, the more he learns, grows, and develops. However, one of the essential aspects of playing is buying the right kind of gross motor aids and toys for your child. Many don't know that play is extremely helpful for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Hence, it is important to choose gross motor aids that assist your child's overall development. Health Products For You makes it a tad bit easier for you to choose the best gross motor toys for kids, manufactured by top brands like Childrens Factory, Angeles,  etc. Browse through our catalog today and find innovative gross motor aids at affordable prices.

Why is Gross Motor Development Important?

Gross motor skills are a person's capabilities that let them do tasks requiring large muscles in their torso, arms, and legs. Additionally, they include overall body movements. Gross Motor Skills are used for almost all kinds of physical activities and are of great importance. Most people can use these skills very easily and automatically. However, gross motor skills are way more complex than they might seem. Gross Motor Development requires fine coordination of muscles and neurological system. They are responsible for enhanced balance and coordination. Subsequently, they lay the foundation for fine motor skills crucial to making small moves like holding a cup or a pencil. Gross motor skills are connected to other abilities too. These involve -

A child with poor gross motor skills lacks behind in various aspects of life. Such kids find it hard to gel with other kids of their age and perform basic activities at home, school, and later in the workplace. Unfortunately, lack of gross motor skills development renders them feeling weak and breaks their self-esteem. As a child grows with age, he learns and masters new motor skills. Gross motor skills include large muscle planning and coordination like walking, skipping, running, dancing. These skills form the basis of our day-to-day chores and activities. Acquiring gross motor skills provide children with capabilities that facilitate their exploration and interaction with their surroundings without any hassles.

Best Toys for Gross Motor Development

Toys and play products aid physical development by constantly triggering the child's response and repeating them. Here are four types of toys and play products that can assist your child with gross motor development:

Balancing Toys

Movement and balance are quintessential for the developmental skills of children and teens with autism. Using HPFY's top-quality gross motor toys, products, and activities helps the child learn balancing skills and encourages gross motor development. Moreover, active play increases coordination and allows the child to have fun while learning something new. These products are extremely durable and manufactured by top brands like Sammons Preston and CanDo. Your child can use this for years and play anytime he wants.

Ball Pools

Ball pits for kids are a great way for children to have fun, relax and have a therapeutic session with themselves. These ball pools are designed to suit the needs of specially-abled kids who need a multi-sensory environment to develop their gross motor skills. Ball pits have been effective in minimizing developmental delays of people who have cognitive disorders such as autism. They are also known to be beneficial for those looking for some relaxation.

Tents, Tunnels, and Play Panels

Tents, tunnels, and play systems are another fun way of making your kids learn while playing. Tents allow the kids to have their own space to crawl, creep, and bear weight. All these activities help them in enhancing their coordination and gross motor skills. These tents and play panels are quite interesting and easy to use.

Activities and Board Games

There are plenty of board games at HPFY. These various fun games are useful to aid in the development of eye-hand coordination, gross motor skills, and balance. Choose from our catalog of useful and interesting products from top brands like Enabling Devices and more. Board games like dexterity test and infinity loops, and many more keep your child busy learning and having fun at the same time. It's a Win-Win!!

Where to Buy Gross Motor Skill Toys?

Health Products For You invites you to explore our wide range of Gross Motor Equipments for Preschoolers, toddlers, and teens with autism. Our best-selling products are brought to you by North Coast Medical, Skil Care Corp, and Fitter International to name a few. Check our catalog out today and get the best deals on every purchase.

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Frequently asked questions

Gross motor skills include larger movements that your child makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. Crawling, running, and jumping all are included in gross motor skills.

Working on gross motor skills is important as it helps a child to gain strength and confidence in his/her body. It also helps them in getting the neccessary exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Physical activities like jumping, balancing, swinging, overcoming obstructions help in the development of gross motor skills. HPFY offers a wide range of products that will provide your child a fun way of developing these gross motor skills.

Trampolines work in a therapeutic manner for children with autism because the bouncing motion feels good to the child and helps them in becoming aware of their body positions. A small, personalized trampoline like the Gonge Mono Trampoline ( will work perfectly for this exercize.        

You should have a small-sized ball, the one made for children. Allow your child to sit, bounce, or even play on it, using his legs. No matter how the child sits or lays on the ball, he/she is challenged to balance, while strengthening his core muscles.