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As a child ages he/she is expected to perform some basic functions. Developmental delays occur if the child lags behind in certain areas that he/she is expected to cover by that age. This delay in the development process can be major or minor. The child may lack in gross or fine motor skills, language skills, or social skills. A doctor can help you in finding out if your child has a developmental delay by taking some tests based on strict guidelines. First indications of the problem are noticed by parents on comparing the child with peers.

Causes of developmental delays:

Developmental delays can be caused due to genetic disorders (Down syndrome) or birth defects (premature birth or infections at the time of birth). Some other factors like hearing loss due to inner ear infection or lead poisoning may also lead to delayed development. Take your child to the pediatrician if you experience any delays. If your child is not able to do things that it could do earlier you must consult a doctor and start to act early in the course. The doctor will tell you what needs to be done.

Areas of developmental delays:

  • Cognitive (or thinking) skills: These skills include the ability to explore the surroundings through their eyes, ears and hands in babies. In toddlers these skills include ability to count, learn new words, recognizing colors etc.
  • Social and emotional skills: smiling at people and making sounds are a way that babies use to connect to others. In toddlers getting along with others and expressing feelings come under social skills. 
  • Speech and language skills: Babies use cooing and babbling to interact. Older children use words to make others understand what they want to say. 
  • Fine and gross motor skills: the use of fingers for grasping things come under fine motor skills, Gross motor skills include use of large muscle groups like balancing, walking and climbing stairs.
  • Daily living activities: everyday tasks like eating, dressing and bathing themselves are some tasks included in daily living activities.


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