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Tactile Stimulation activates the nerve signals below the skin and inform the body of different touch sensations. It relates to the sense of touch and texture. Autistic people or people with tactile sensory issues may have problem in tolerating the sensations which are caused while dressing or performing routine activities. To overcome this, sensory stimulation products are used as they help in desensitizing unavoidable touch sensations and textures. Health Products For You offers a wide assortment of tactile stimulators including sand and snow, sensory massage, spatial awareness and textures to enhance tactile stimulation. HPFY offers a wide assortment of such tactile stimulation products from popular and top selling manufacturers like Skil Care Corporation, Enabling Devices, Flaghouse, American Educational Products and many more.

Types of Tactile Stimulation Products

  • Sand and Snow: Sand and snow products consist of trays and tubs of different colors that are ideal for sand and water play. They help in creating a wide variety of tactile experiences with fun, resulting in enhanced tactile stimulation. 
  • Sensory Massage: Sensory massage products provide soothing massage and pleasing tactile therapy to enhance tactile stimulation in users. The attractive shapes, sizes and colors add another level of interest in the users. 
  • Spatial Awareness: Spatial awareness products are specifically designed to make users aware of the objects around them. They allow users to understand the relationship between two or more objects with respect to themselves. 
  • Textures: Textured products enhance tactile stimulation with the help of contrasting textures, raised and depressed areas, fluid shapes and other interactive elements. They help in strengthening tactile perception and concentration.